10 Causes of social anxiety

As a rule, there is not just one reason why you have social anxiety, but several factors influence the development of this disorder. In this article, you will find possible reasons why you are struggling with social anxiety.

Both heredity and environment influence

Both heredity and environment influence the development of social anxiety. By finding out the cause of your social anxiety disorder, you can understand yourself better and thus more easily find the right treatment. There are different degrees of social anxiety disorders . For some, the disorders can stay with the person for life. Others, on the other hand, experience social anxiety on a single occasion or for periods.

Social anxiety can be caused by certain social events . Disorders that arise suddenly, either in the teens or later in life, are usually fortunately short-term cases that will pass.

It could, for example, be a single incident in a work situation that led to a feeling of panic . You may have felt that you lost control of the situation then and there. As a result, you may be reluctant to put yourself in the same situation again. If, on the other hand, you manage to expose yourself to a similar situation and find that it goes well, you will soon get rid of social anxiety.

If, on the other hand, something persists, it is usually because you are genetically prone to developing social anxiety . Then it is your personality that decides. At the same time, the social anxiety is reinforced in certain social settings.


Why do you get social anxiety?

For many people, the cause of social anxiety can be traced all the way back to childhood . When you were a child you may have experienced very stressful situations. Or maybe there were certain social skills you felt you couldn’t live up to? Furthermore, this may have led to you constantly avoiding such situations and never learning how to deal with them. Thus, self-esteem may have been greatly reduced at an early age.

This may have stuck with you until your teenage years and then developed into social anxiety. Many may find that several years pass before they experience something unpleasant again. Social anxiety disorders can suddenly show up later in life at regular intervals.

The reasons described here are socially conditioned factors. They have to do with learning social interaction. A possible reason why you experienced your childhood like this can be explained through your personality . Social anxiety disorders that persist throughout life are usually also a  result of your genetic makeup .

Why you get social anxiety can be explained by the fact that there are certain personality traits that make you more susceptible to developing this disorder. If you are a person with low emotional stability and a high degree of introversion , you will be more predisposed to developing social anxiety disorders.

Social anxiety caused by genetic conditions is usually a lifelong condition. Conversely, it is often individual events that you suddenly experience that lead to individual cases of social anxiety disorders. These cases usually go away with time, as explained above.

Don’t let the cause of social anxiety affect treatment

Although it is wise to find out why you get social anxiety in order to get the right treatment , you should not let the cause get in the way of treatment. It is undoubtedly possible for anyone to get rid of their social anxiety disorders.

Most often, it is exposure therapy that helps with social anxiety. This means that you expose yourself to situations that you feel are uncomfortable. Over time, you will feel that you are mastering the situation better and better. This comes as a result of you taking control yourself in the given setting. In addition to talk therapy, this is the most widespread form of treatment.

For some, longer processing time is possibly needed than for others. It just depends on what are the causes of your ailments. To repeat, it is possible that you will periodically experience that the disorders return throughout your life. Then it is all the more important with treatment, because this will increase the quality of life considerably.

As you have read here, there is a large connection between biological and social factors as the cause of social anxiety. There is usually never a single explanation for your problems. Together with a therapist, you can find out what the reasons might be. At the same time, you can improve your life and get rid of your ailments.