10 games to play with your baby from 0 to 12 months

Sensory stimulation in the child is very important and the games you play with him are essential for his development. Here are some tips to teach your child Explore the environment safely , spend unique and fun moments together.

The games I will talk about are games for babies from 0 to 12 months and you will see that they are very simple: many of them are based on imitation, one of the most effective ways to learn. Don’t forget that, being so small, the attention span is very short.


  • Play sing songs, fairy tales and stories
  • plays making faces
  • water games
  • tower games
  • reflections
  • Chinese shadow games
  • soap bubbles
  • baby dance
  • follow the sound
  • 10 music boxes

Play sing songs, fairy tales and stories

Although it may seem too young for this type of activity, all children like to hear the voice of their parents. You can tell stories or fairy tales by using different voices to represent the characters and exaggerate the tone of the voice.

This helps him, day by day, to learn the language better and therefore to understand what we say. In general, children also like songs that relax and stimulate the sense of hearing.

play make faces

You may have noticed more than once how children react when someone makes a funny face.

Turn all this into a game : make faces, exaggerate your movements and you will see that your child will gradually begin to imitate what you do.

Water games

You can start with a small basin with two fingers of water and a small object inside the basin And if you notice that your baby likes it, you can do the test with the bathtub, let him splash in a few centimeters of water and never lose sight of him . Of course, don’t start right in the bathtub, because it might scare you.

Give him different toys that he puts in the water and see how he reacts. As it grows, you can do new experiments: water with different temperatures, colored water, ice… In short, let your imagination run free and fun (for both of you) is guaranteed.

Tower games

You must have noticed that at this stage of life, destroying is more interesting than building. At least for the children.

Building towers and destroying them is very important for them:  it helps them understand the limits of their body, their body moves in space, their strength. In addition to putting them in front of one of the simplest cause-effect phenomena.


An object of daily use very much loved by children is  mirror . They are always surprised to see another child around and will do anything to find out that it is just their reflection.

Play hide and seek with your child in front of the mirror: you will leave him speechless before the magic of disappearance – you appear in the reflected image.

You can play the same game with a stuffed toy or other toys and then watch their reactions.

Chinese shadow games

Shadows fascinate all children and the little ones even more. They like them because they do not yet have fully developed eyesight and are fascinated by the movement of the shadow on the white background, precisely because it does not have clear boundaries or bright colors.

Try to create simple figures with your hands, in a kind of shadow theater and watch their reactions.

Soap bubbles

There is nothing easier to do and more successful than soap bubbles. All you have to do is make bubbles in the air and drop them close to your baby so that he grabs them or gently pops them in contact with his body.

You promote fine motor skills, sight and attention.

Baby dance

Music generally calms children, and dancing also improves balance and coordination. . Pick him up and dance with him, waving his arms to the beat.

follow the sound

De nuevo  to stimulate the sense of hearing , here is another very nice game: place an object that makes a noise, but without it being visible. You can use a rubber duck, a radio or an alarm clock. You can also move it in different directions so that it follows the path of the sound.

Music boxes

Music boxes and carousels hanging from cribs are a great game for little ones : when they start to move, you will notice that their attention is immediately captured by the movement of the toy and they will be entertained for a few minutes.

If you can, change the games they hang from time to time and see his reaction when he notices.