10 Methods of family therapy

Family therapy can be a good help for many families . In many cases, this can save the family from being dissolved.

It could be, for example, that you are first-time parents and need support and assistance in the first period. Or that you have both yours, mine and our children and don’t quite get the solitaire going. Or that there may be special considerations that lead to the dynamics in the family not always being at their best.

There are several different methods that are usually used in family therapy . In this article you can read more about systemic family therapy and practice, functional family therapy, structural family therapy and emotion-focused family therapy. At the bottom, you can also read about how family therapy takes place with us.

Read on to find out what this is. Also read about how family therapy can help you towards a more harmonious family life.

What is family therapy?

Family therapy is, simply put, conversations with a therapist in which all or parts of the family participate . There are no restrictions on who can participate in the conversations. Nor why you should seek family therapy. The therapy can be for you as a couple, the whole family, selected parts of the family or other groups.

As with all other therapy, this is situational. This then applies to both scope and how to proceed. The word family therapy is a collective term for therapy where the goal is to create a better family life . The therapy goes in depth on the individual relationships in the family. At the same time, the focus is also kept on how this affects the system as a whole.

Through guidance from the therapist, you can arrive at solutions that can help you towards a better family life.

During such therapy, the therapist will listen and map out what the challenge is. He or she will then come up with concrete advice relating to your situation and challenge . With this form of therapy, all members of the family get the opportunity to be seen and heard. Together with the therapist, you will be able to find good solutions that lead to harmony in the family. This is how you can improve the dynamics of the family system.

Through family therapy, you get the opportunity to tackle the root of the problem. This can be through advice that leads to improvement right away. But it can also be a long-term plan that you come up with together. This entirely depends on what challenge you have in your family. Read on to read more about which methods are used.

Methods of family therapy

There are several different methods of family therapy. Which method is used in the individual cases will depend on the situation and the challenge you have. Here we go into itfireof these, namely systemic, functional, structuralandemotion focusedfamily therapy.

Systemic therapy
Systemic family therapy is based on the fact that the family is a system of relationships . All problems in the system are then seen in relation to how it affects relationships and individuals. Systemic family therapy and practice then involve the therapist listening to all members of the system. Once the therapist has mapped the problem and how it affects everyone, he or she can find possible solutions that benefit the whole family.

Functional therapy
This method of family therapy is offered to families where the young person shows worrying behaviour . This could be, for example , substance abuse , school refusal or other problems at school, bad influence from the social circle , psychological challenges or other things. Functional family therapy involves the young person and their parents participating in conversations with the therapist. The aim is for the young people to be able to stay at home. At the same time, it is about strengthening the bond between parents and young people .

Structural therapy
In structural family therapy, you look at the structure of the family. In order to have a better family life, the structure of the relationships must change . What needs to change are relationships in the family that have a negative effect on individuals. But it also applies to how this affects the family as a whole. The therapist then looks at both the relationships between the individuals, but also at how the whole family works together. He or she can then make suggestions for changes in the interaction pattern.

Emotion-focused therapy
Emotion-focused family therapy is about changing stuck emotions . In a dysfunctional family , the feelings can be many and painful. There may also be a lot you don’t talk about , which should have been talked about. The therapist helps you map, understand and thus change these painful or hidden feelings. With this method of family therapy, everyone’s feelings are taken care of.


Why take advantage of this offer?

Home is the place where you spend most of your time. At the same time, the family are those who should be your closest relatives. Unfortunately, many families experience problems and challenges on a daily basis. This can lead to someone not feeling particularly connected to the family. It can also lead to a poorly functioning family system. In the worst case, it can lead to the collapse of the entire system .

There can be many reasons why you and your family feel the need for family therapy. All families are different, and made up of different people. Any family can experience challenges or difficult periods . This can be about the very simple things in everyday life such as picking up from the nursery. Or it could be about bigger and more difficult issues such as serious illness or destructive behavior among young people .

Possible reasons for seeking family therapy:

  • Difficulty solving time constraints
  • Substance abuse in the family
  • Violence in the family
  • Behavioral difficulties in children and young people
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Parental guidance
  • Yours, mine and our children
  • New parents in need of advice and guidance
  • Children who hit
  • Mental problems in the parents, children or young people
  • Special needs of a family member
  • Grief after losing a child
  • Communication failure
  • Guidance for divorced or separated parents

There can also be many other reasons than those you see in the list here. Family therapy can act as an arena where everyone can talk openly . The therapist comes from outside and sees the situation in a new light. He or she will be able to give advice and guidance for improvement. Which method the therapist uses will largely depend on the problem.

Family therapy at Terapivakten

We at Terapivakten use all the methods mentioned above in our therapy. There may be cases where we use a mix of all. But there may also be cases where it is most appropriate to use only one of these. Everything is situational. In addition , it entirely depends on the problem we are facing.

No matter what problems you experience in your family, it is important that you seek help in time .

We are here to help you. And our goal is to help you in the best possible way. That’s why we offer home-based therapy – we either come to your home, or we can chat via video calls . With home therapy, we hope that it is more manageable to apply for help , and that all family members feel comfortable.

Get in touch today to start the process of creating a healthy family life . We are ready to come to your home and help you overcome your problems.