10 things the most successful people do on the weekend

To succeed in this 2022, you have to go beyond working hours from Monday to Friday. Weekends can also make a difference , as long as you dedicate them to activities that allow you to disconnect from your daily routine, enjoy yourself with the most important people in your life, and recover your energy.

As personal development experts explain, Saturdays and Sundays have a function: to prepare you to start Monday focused and motivated , and ready to face all the challenges that will come during the week. If you don’t take a break, and live them like another day, you will be less and less productive and, at some point, you can fall into physical and mental exhaustion.

In short, real success is one that combines economic prosperity and joy in life. And that is something that the most successful entrepreneurs and businessmen are clear about, and that they practice through these 10 activities during their weekends .

1. Disconnect 100% of work

It is possible, and it is essential. Of course, emergencies must be taken into account and, above all, the organization and planning that you will need during the week to fulfill all your pending tasks.

2. Reduce cell phone use

It is incredible the time and precious moments that we can lose by constantly checking the phone and the updates of our social networks.

3. Exercise

Physical health is vital , and one of the best ways to achieve it is through walks, bike rides, or more vigorous exercise , such as running or taking a spinning class.

4. Spend time with family and friends

During the week, it can be difficult to enjoy a movie or take a walk with those people who matter most to us , and who ultimately give our lives profound meaning.

5. Connect with nature

Walking through a forest, having a picnic by a lake or visiting a park will have a very positive impact on your mood. And it is always a better option than spending a whole weekend locked up at home watching movies or series.

6. Going out of town

This is another activity that the most successful people do on Saturdays and Sundays to get to know new places, their gastronomy and their culture .

7. Avoid housework

For no reason dedicate your weekends to cleaning or ordering your house, or making pending repairs. Check your agenda and allocate a fixed schedule from Monday to Friday for those tasks .

8. Practicing a hobby

Another excellent habit to clear your mind and thus start Monday with everything is to spend time taking care of a garden or an urban orchard, cooking, painting or doing crafts. What are you passionate about?

9. Read

Ideally, dedicate Saturday and Sunday to fiction books and during the week focus on those that allow you to do your job better , such as business, management or leadership books .

10. Rest

Finally, don’t fill your weekend with activities that make you more tired! Forget the alarm clock, take a nap, and combine your outings and other activities with rest .