13 Mexican names for girls that have always fascinated

The N Mexican  girl names have always created a great fascination in this beautiful country. Today they are getting many changes, because they were previously chosen after the Catholic saints. Currently, quite common names are still used and others that require a beautiful and unusual sound.

We analyze what names we can choose for our future girls and whether they can really highlight all the beauty and harmony of that person. We specify its origin and a part of its personality, so that you do not lose notice of its beautiful origin.

Mexican  girl names

1- Alexandra: It is a name of Greek origin, which means “strength”, “protector”, “savior of men”. They are people with a kind and friendly mentality. They are fighters for their thoughts and talent, while being reserved and careful.

2- Adriana: It is of Latin origin and its meaning is correlated with everything “that comes from the Adriatic Sea”. The women who have this name are very kind, they have a changeable character, but deep down they are very generous. He has to control his emotions because when he gets angry, he can present a different kind of personality.

3- Danielle: It is of Hebrew origin, meaning “Judgment of God” or “Justice of God”. Their personality is very open, they are very happy people, communicators, introverted in their personal life and always with the need to feel loved.

4- Monica: It is of Greek origin, meaning “a single element or a single part”, “only one” or “only woman”. They are people who radiate very good energy, they are sociable, independent, but they also know how to dominate a situation in order to achieve what they want.

5- Victory: Its origin is of Latin origin, meaning “victory”, “victory”, “the one who triumphs over evil”. A curious fact is that it comes from the ancient Roman goddess of victory, equivalent to the Greek Nike. They are powerful, strong and fight very hard for their work.

6- Natalia : his name is of Latin origin, meaning “body”, “joyful birth”, “he who knows how to take care of life”. They are kind, generous, cheerful and very intuitive people. They do not like conflicts and will always strive to achieve peace.

7 Isabella : comes from the name Isabel and its origin comes from the Latin and Hebrew part. It means “who loves God”, “promise of God”. Their personality focuses on being sensitive, kind people who defend their ideals and values, are loyal and always like to help others.

8- Renée : it is a name whose origin is Latin, it means “newborn”, “who was born again”. They are people with an intense life, they like to be sociable and independent. They will have a persistent personality and dedicated to their work.

9- Camilla : has its origin in the Latin language, and its meaning is “the one who is before God”, “the one who sacrifices himself”. Camila is a very dedicated, sentimental, independent thinker. He likes to share his concerns with other people.

10 – Valentin : his name originates from the masculine Valentinus and comes from Latin. It means “brave”, “strong”, “brave”. As their name suggests, they are very brave, strong and confident people. His methodology will always aim to do social work to help others.

11 – Sofia : name of Greek origin, meaning “wisdom”, “winner”. They are people with a cooperative, intelligent, thoughtful, generous and kind personality. They always like to learn new things.

12- Ximena : his name comes from Hebrew. Its meaning is “the person who listens” and therefore has connotations with his personality. They are humble, gentle, sweet, pleasant people who like to listen to others.

13- Regina : It has its Latin origin, its name means Queen and was cataloged as “Queen of Olympus”. Their personality has a strong character because they are stubborn and stubborn. They do not commit to others or relationships until they see a clear, reliable path.

As we have indicated, Mexican names are the ones that have come to stay in our language. most always were ruled by religious traditions in past times and they positioned themselves in many of the names that are present today. If you want to know much more, you can go to our section of given names for girls.