15 classic and elegant names for girls

Choosing a name for a girl It is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give, you must do it with great decision, because it will be something that He will be a part of for the rest of his life. . In the list we provide, we detail the classic and elegant girl names, so that they create that personality they deserve.

People’s names are what they deserve. Although it may seem incredible, many of them already have a meaning and a personality that will be part of your life. It is always worth taking a look at one of the ones we show to inspire you and give your future baby that beautiful name.

1- Martina: It is of Latin origin and means “war god of Mars”, “ordained person of Mars”. They have a simple, classic personality and are lovers of everything that surrounds them. They are enterprising, responsible and intuitive.

2- Mary: of Hebrew origin and means “the one chosen by God”. They are peaceful, sensitive, sweet and harmonious people. They are always cheerful and optimistic, they pay attention to all the small details and romance is present in their lives.

3- Carla: It is of Germanic origin, meaning “the one who is strong”. She has a strong, determined personality, when she has problems, she solves them herself. They are very independent, not afraid to develop and have very clear ideas.

4 – Sunrise: It is of Latin origin meaning “woman of the dawn”, “white” or “dawn”. They are very independent, generous, dedicated people, nature lovers. In the matter of love, she is very liberal and plans.

5-Vega : has Arabic roots and comes from the word “Wega” which means “the one who falls”, “fertile woman”. They are very kind, romantic, passionate people. They always give themselves to give others everything they can in all their efforts at work.

6- Candle: It is a name that comes from Latin and means “illuminated or bright woman”. He has a strong character, full of inner strength. He has good hobbies related to art, such as music and performing arts, and he never relaxes in anything he imagines.


Original names for girls


7- Laia: It has a religious origin and with a beautiful meaning, “woman who expresses herself easily”. This name describes intellectual people, with a lot of culture and they manage independently to survive without cost.

8- Zoë: It comes from Greek roots and means “person full of vitality”. They are happy, vital, active women, always ready to resolve a conflict and in love, very romantic and passionate.

9- Angela: It has a Greek origin and means “message of God”. They have a demanding personality because they don’t settle for anything. They are strong, determined, full of energy and strength.

10- Adara: It comes from the Arabic language and means “orange blossom”, “the most beautiful”. They are vital people who inspire vitality and are seductive. They like to have a firm understanding of what is right.

11- Helen: It has its origin from the Greek and means “bright or shining woman”. They are very supportive, kind, dedicated and passionate women. If there is something that stands out in them, it is their ambition and to achieve what they want with effort.

12 – Isabella: It comes from Isabel and has an uncertain origin, because it comes from the Egyptian goddess Isis. It means “Promise of God” or “Who loves God” and they are women with an analytical and reflective personality. They like to work to help others, are faithful and loyal.

13- Grace: It is of Latin origin and means “she who is graceful”. They are balanced, calm and exemplary people towards others. In love, they have a great responsibility and they love commitment, they are attentive and loving.

14 – Cayetana: name of Latin origin, meaning “protector”. They have a proactive, harmonious personality and are always mentally active. Lovers are loyal people and they like to share everything.

15- Amira: It has Arabic origin, and with its beautiful sound it also has a beautiful meaning “princess”. He has a high spirit, good humor, he loves children very much and he has no serious relationships with love.