16 most beautiful Catalan names for girls

the Catalan names for girls They indicate one of the options and alternatives that you cannot miss. If you are looking for a name for your future daughter, we have some innovative names with a lot of tradition that you cannot miss.

Our lists have become an essential source so that many parents can choose a name where you can find its origin, the tradition and the personality that it describes for that person. What is beautiful and original is how to approach this type of name, depending on taste and tone.

1- Agnes : it is of Greek origin, its meaning is “pure”, “chaste”. They are very active people with a great discharge of energy. They are very sentimental, with a big heart and in the workplace they like to be the center of attention.

2- Eng : it is of Hebrew origin and means “who is graceful”, “who is compassionate”. Their personality is incomparable, they are kind, kind and proactive people. They like to have fun in all areas and are very attracted to the opposite sex because of their secret.

3- Engelen : is the Catalan form of Angeles. It has its origin in the invention of a writer. Her personality is very accurate to the original name, she is bohemian, dreamy and very restless in her social and work life.

4- Aixa: Its origin is of Arabic origin, meaning “woman”, “living”. She is a woman of great virtues, always altruistic with others, affectionate, loyal and devoted.

5 – Elias : has a Greek origin and means “radiation like the sun”. His personality is very adventurous and that makes him an open person. They are compassionate and friendly.

5- Ares : has its origin in Catalan and its meaning is from people who radiate a lot of energy, “god of war”. They are sweet, emotional, communicative and kind people. They are self-confident and highly honest.

6 – Beth : comes from Hebrew and means “God is my oath”. They have a very attentive and detailed personality, they like to be very familiar and value friendship a lot.

7 – Eng : its origin is Hebrew and means “the beautiful lady who teaches us”. This name is given to women who are creative, loving, with great affection and a lot of perseverance to achieve what is proposed to them.

8- Mireia : has its origin in Latin, but more specifically in the Catalan language. It means “the one who is wonderful” and stands for an attentive, hard-working, communicative and very familiar personality.

9- Tube : it comes from the variant of Rosario, it has Latin origin. The personality can be a little different, it becomes too particular in a very theatrical personality, but it also has an impeccable proposal to overcome the work issue.

10- New : it is of Catalan origin, its meaning is “maiden of the snow”. They have a romantic, sentimental and dreamy personality. They have good practice in the world of music and everything related to art.

11- Laia : it is of Hebrew origin and means “eloquent”, “the well-spoken”. They are very creative, imaginative, proactive people and they hate monotony. They enjoy life to the fullest because they are very passionate.

12- Mireia : has French and Italian origins. They are very communicative, attentive and hard working people. Mireia is very familiar, understanding with her partner and likes to be the center of attention.

13- Remei : of Latin origin and widely used in Catalan, whose meaning is “remedy”. They are very charismatic, generous, friendly and full of wit. They are persevering and careful when choosing an important decision.

14- Xenia : comes from the Greek and means “caring woman”, “the foreigner”. His personality is very sincere, intuitive, proactive and with a lot of solidarity. On the sentimental subject, they are affectionate, loyal and quite given to falling in love easily.

15 – Joanna : is the Catalan and Portuguese variant of Juana, which means “God is merciful”. Her personality is very creative, full of imagination and passionate about enjoying every moment of life.

16- Elsa : of Hebrew origin, whose meaning is “God is abundant”, “protected by God”. He has a strong, determined personality, with a good sense of humor and likes to surround himself with close friends and family.