3 reasons why your online store needs a blog

If you started 2022 with an online store , or you have had it for a long time but it is not having the expected sales, it is time to think of new strategies to increase the number of visits and generate more conversions. And one of the most effective is content marketing , through a blog.

It is that publishing a good catalogue, with detailed information about the products and quality photographs, may not be enough in an environment of so much competition. In addition to the quality-price factor, people are looking for guidance , advice and ideas to solve a problem or simply have a good time. And when you find them in a brand, they’re more likely to be interested in your business proposition .

Before we jump into the top three benefits of blogging on your online store , it’s important to understand what it’s all about, and what types of content can be most effective.

A blog is basically a Web page in which we can publish content in different formats (text, images, audio or video), with the aim of sharing value for a specific segment of readers.

The most successful blogs meet five requirements:

  1. Are aligned with the values ​​and message of the brand
  2. They are focused on the needs and interests of their target audience
  3. They publish quality content
  4. They are useful
  5. They apply an adequate strategy to appear in the search engines

In the case of an ecommerce , we can think of a store that sells healthy and organic foods. What kind of content could you post on a blog, besides recipes? For example, food advice for certain times of the year , what are the health benefits of the so-called “superfoods”, the stories of the producers behind their main brands, and news about events related to the sector.

Now yes, we are going to analyze what are the reasons why your online store needs a blog.

Reason #1. online visibility

The main benefit that a blog can give your online store compared to others that do not have one is to appear in search engines when your potential customers search for your products. This will make your brand more visible, that over time it will appear in the first results of Google, that a community interested in its content and news will form … And in the end, your company will become a benchmark for your business. sector .

Of course, these results are not going to come overnight. In addition to working on good content and publishing regularly, you have to work on a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and, eventually, invest in advertising.

Reason #2. brand trust

Another benefit of having a blog that you have to take into account is the bond of trust that it will generate with all the people who start visiting it regularly in search of information, advice or an idea. Because when there is trust, selling becomes much easier, and even the price becomes a secondary decision factor.

To generate trust, the content has to be written with seriousness and accurate data . And ideally, be endorsed by an authoritative source. In the case of the health food store, the ideal would be to have the opinion of a nutritionist , a doctor and a specialist in food certification.

Reason #3. The attraction of qualified traffic

Lastly, publishing content regularly in an ecommerce is key to clarifying what we have to offer, how we can help, and who our ideal customer is . Why attract millions of visits if, in the end, nobody is going to buy in our store? It is better to focus resources and efforts on those potential customers who are interested and have enough money to purchase our products.

That is why a blog can not only help you attract more visits , more visibility through a good keyword strategy and more sales , but also to optimize the available resources and have a much more profitable Internet operation.