4 tactics to buy cheaper online

In the last year and a half, ecommerce has experienced a significant leap worldwide thanks to the pandemic. In Mexico, during 2020 it grew 81% reaching $316,000 million pesos ; and although this year it has stabilized, the trend continues to rise.

What do Mexicans buy online? According to the Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO), the preferred categories are food delivery (66%), clothing and footwear (57%), and beauty and personal care items (52%). As well as electronics (46%), office supplies (37%) and tools (35%), which reveals the interest of companies and independent professionals in this channel.

Buying online represents a great opportunity to hunt for offers, pay months without interest and make the most of your budget . So that in this way we can equip the business with computers, cell phones or the necessary systems for its daily operation and growth.

At the start of this new edition of El Buen Fin , we want to share with you four tactics to buy cheaper online. Take note!

#1. Always have your wish list handy

The first piece of advice is not to buy for buy r: make a list of priorities according to the objectives and current needs of the business. This will avoid falling into temptations (for example, buying a cell phone at half price when the sales team requires a new laptop) and remain attentive to the offers that best suit us both for price and for free deliveries and financing plans. For software and services, such as a business management system , you can take advantage of opportunities like free installations or training.

Include in that list not only the products you need, but also the brands, the online stores where you find them, and the current price.

#two. Register in the most important marketplaces

The main advantage of these platforms is that they offer a wide range of options from different companies and brands to buy safely and reliably. In Mexico, the most popular are Mercado Libre, Claro Shop, Amazon and AliExpress . Some allow you to add points to access benefits such as free purchases and shipping according to your category of buyer.

Even if you have not yet decided to make a purchase, register to receive alerts about offers, promotions and special campaigns in your email.

#3. Check the offer pages

Discount coupons that used to appear in newspapers and magazines have moved to the Internet on Web pages dedicated to collecting and offering the best offers and promotions of the moment. In Mexico, some of the most used are Promodescuentos.com , Cuponatic and Más Ofertas México.

Another excellent option to compare prices is Google Shopping, which allows you to search by category and access detailed and updated lists of products, prices and online stores.

#4. Confirm that the discounts are real!

Finally, it is essential that when you discover an opportunity, you can compare the regular price and the discounted price ; since, in reality, during the most aggressive seasons of offers, promotions can be misleading , especially in marketplaces where each user is free to modify the data they publish. So don’t trust the crossed out price right away!

To do? In addition to keeping a list like the one suggested at the beginning of the article, you can use specific tools like Keepa . This is a free add-on for Chrome or other browsers that allows you to check the lowest and highest prices for more than 1.9 billion Amazon products sold in a given range of time (such as three months or a year). For Mercado Libre, the option available in Mexico is Mercado Track.

Now you know, a good purchase is one that is informed and about which we are sure it will really make us save.