5 books on networking you need to read

Everyone talks about the importance of having a good network of contacts to do business; but what is networking really? , can it be learned?, what strategies can be applied to generate strong relationships with customers, suppliers and partners?, what happens if we are introverts and we feel overwhelmed by the idea of ​​having to attend an event?

In addition to articles, videos and all the information that we can find on the Internet, there are books. They are accessible, we can take them everywhere (especially in digital format) and through them we can access the knowledge, experiences and advice of the best experts in the world . So today we will tell you which are the five best books on networking that you can read in Spanish, both in physical format and in ebook.

#1. NEVER EAT ALONE. Networking to optimize your personal relationships, by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahal Raz (Profit Editorial)

This book is one of the most consulted by those people determined to strengthen their strategic networking skills. Not only because of the originality of many of his proposals, but also because he is full of personal anecdotes that prove the usefulness of each piece of advice. It answers some key questions, such as: where to meet the people who can make a difference in your life?, how to turn an acquaintance into a valuable contact, how to make other people strongly wish that everything goes well for you and that you succeed?

As the authors explain, the secret is to establish sincere, generous and lasting relationships. This implies discarding contacts based solely on individual interest or the achievement of short-term objectives. Because in the world nothing exists in isolation and we are all interconnected. Therefore, our businesses are the faithful reflection of our ability to socialize.

#two. I HATE NETWORKING! (BUT I NEED IT) A Practical Guide for Overwhelmed, Introverted, and Disconnected, by Devora Zack (Active Company)

This book is ideal for all those who recognize themselves as introverts and who have more difficulties than the common entrepreneur to actively engage in the public relations of their business. The author’s premise, a self-confessed introvert, but at the same time a successful speaker, is that networking does not imply changing your personality, but that the basis for relating is precisely not to stop being yourself.

“I feel overwhelmed by all I have to do and I don’t have time to waste on socializing.”

“I don’t know how to start a conversation with a stranger.” “I don’t see the use of social networks for business networking , I barely check my personal profiles.” If you feel identified with some of these statements, this is your book!

#3. STRATEGIC NETWORKING. The 5+50+100 rule to turn your network of contacts into profit, by Judy Robinett (Ediciones Culturales Paidós)

In this book you will find a practical guide to make the most of social networks specialized in generating professional relationships, such as LinkedIn. The key is long-term planning, to establish high-value connections and ecosystems that enhance the results of your career or your business.

Its author, Judy Robinett, is considered an authority in the field of business in the United States and a “super connector”, thanks to her more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, corporate leader and speaker.

As he explains throughout the book, “in business, as in life, relationships are the true power grid that people use to get things done faster and more efficiently.”

#4. The networking book. The 15 keys to successfully interacting socially , by Cipri Quintas (Encourages)

This book offers a broader vision of networking, as a tool to be happier, enjoy better health and live longer. That is, the author considers good social relationships as the key to both economic and emotional wealth.

To achieve this, Quintas recommends networking from the heart, empathy and generosity. Other tips from the author are to give thanks, take time to listen, “park” the ego, help others achieve things, run away from toxic people, work to overcome shyness and learn to use new technologies intelligently.

Quintas is a serial entrepreneur in the entertainment industry, angel investor, and speaker.


More than a book about networking, this is a classic about human relations and how we can discover, develop and take advantage of our talents to influence others and thus achieve our biggest projects.

First published in 1936, it has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. Among other important topics, the author shares fundamental rules for dealing with others, six techniques to please others

others, how to get other people to think like us and how to become a true leader. In short, with this header book you will learn the basics to become a professional networker.