5 books to focus, organize better and “make time”

When the time comes to put together our list of New Year’s resolutions, there is never a need to “be more productive”, “organize myself better” or “make better use of time”; especially among entrepreneurs, who often apply multitasking to meet the multiple daily challenges of the business.

So, on these days off, where you probably have more time to dedicate to reading, we want to recommend five books that will help you focus better , “make time” and start the best year of your life.

#1. Focus by Daniel Golem

The psychologist and journalist Daniel Goleman shows us in this book that focus is the key , both to productivity and to the excellence with which we carry out our work and serve clients or cultivate our personal relationships. More in this world of permanent distraction in which sometimes we feel that 24 hours a day are not enough.

Goleman explains that human beings have three levels of attention that we can develop to achieve maximum performance: internal focus , which helps us connect with our intuitions and values ​​to maintain self-control; the external focus , which allows us to navigate the world and understand the complexity that surrounds us; and the focus on others , oriented to the relationships we have with family, friends and collaborators to help us improve empathy.

#two. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey

This book is a classic on productivity and personal character development; but also on principles that, when internalized in habits , allow us to face any type of situation. It is divided into seven stages that the reader can adapt to his type of personality and practice in all areas of his business life .

Among other important habits, Covey talks about being proactive, about starting every project with the end in mind: prioritizing, always thinking in win-win terms, seeking to understand first in order to be understood later, and constantly renewing yourself to learn and grow.

#3. Atomic Habits by James Clear

The fundamental idea of ​​this book, one of the most widely read today on productivity and performance issues , is that we must give more importance to the little things we do every day. How not to focus so much on suddenly transforming our behavior.

As the author explains, if we want to leave bad habits behind , it is essential to know them (and to know each other), to understand how to change them and to aim to improve something by 1% every day. Thus, the new habits will give rise to a new behavior in the long term and will allow us to achieve bigger goals in the medium and long term.


#4. The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

Through a four-stage process ( define, remove, automate, and release ), the author explains how to get the best results with the least effort . The goal is to have a rich life where one can do what one likes, enjoy work and personal life to generate enough income to maintain a good lifestyle.
The book, which is very practical and enjoyable to read, is not an invitation to work less; but a reflection and a guide to do it in a more intelligent way , to be efficient instead of just productive and stop doing what we don’t enjoy and to pursue our dreams with all our might.


#5. The 5am Club by Robin Sharma

The author, one of the world’s most recognized experts on personal development and leadership, reveals in this book the routines that allowed him to connect with his mission, increase his productivity, improve his health, and learn to handle challenges serenely. newspapers of a time as complex as this.

The main concept is that of the “golden hour” between five and six in the morning , the quietest of the day that must be dedicated to exercise, meditation and reading. With this new routine it is possible to start the day inspired and with more energy, boost concentration and creativity to make better use of every moment of the day.