5 Keys to Happiness

Since the beginning of the world, the greatest dream of mankind is to be happy. Even the best wishes, the most beautiful words, the best congratulations, the purest wishes end with “Be happy! Good luck!” sums up the words that have been said. What are the secrets to being happy?

John Izzo, a well-known pedagogue-psychologist, writer, started by people from various professions, referring to the wise opinions, advices, ideas, and theoretical views of masters of words and thinkers who lived hundreds, even thousands of years ago, in his “Happy Life” writes the book “The 5 Conditions of Being”. This book describes the simplest yet most important principles of a happy life. John Izzo, drawing on the wisdom of sages with 18,000 years of life experience, believes that everyone can achieve eternal happiness if they follow the following five principles, and this truth is widely accepted. Here are 5 valuable tips for those who want to solve the secrets of happiness in the run-up to the new year:

  1. Be honest with yourself!

Such short-term situations, such as lying to oneself, often occur when we are most inexperienced in life. Instead of consulting our hearts about what to do and what path to choose, we make decisions by comparing ourselves to others, especially our peers. This is the beginning of many failures that will eventually occur. According to J. Izzo, happiness is not something that is valuable to everyone, but something that is valuable only to you. A person who can live by this rule has mastered the first secret of happiness. And sometimes you listen to your gut and ask yourself, “Is the path I’m on leading me to happiness?” If we ask that question and answer it with compassion, we can avoid many regrets in the end.

  1. Don’t Regret!

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Because the man who has never made a mistake is the man who has done nothing. In fact, actions that end with good results should be approached with courage. Don’t be afraid to lean in. Repentance is actually doing or not doing something knowing that it is definitely right or wrong. Failure to help a friend when he needs help, disobeying his parents and going to their anger are situations that force him to regret later. We must be able to overcome the obstacles that life throws at us in order to have no regrets. Repentance is the fruit of weakness. When we fail to do something, we are sure to regret it tomorrow. Consult your conscience, take a bold approach to life!

  1. Be able to love!

The great Italian-American writer Leo Buscaglia said, “Life is love, and if you lose love, you lose life.” Loving and being loved is one of the basic conditions for living a happy and meaningful life. The key to a happy and meaningful life is to be fully aware of love and not to love again, to accept unhappiness. How to be a person who loves and is loved?! The answer to this question comes from being able to feel and instill love into the soul of another. We must first love ourselves just as we respect ourselves. Second, we must be able to love the people who are close to us, and third, we must be able to express our love to them.

  1. Be able to feel happy moments!
  2. Izzo says, “The road to happiness begins with the feeling that there are happy days.” It is up to us to make every day one of the happiest days of our lives if we want to. Waking up healthy in the morning, being a family, having a full breakfast, going to work and school with enthusiasm, greeting the acquaintances from the front and asking about their well-being, fully fulfilling the duties that fall on one’s part in work and study, efficiently and effectively. Returning home with the pleasure of hard work, enjoying the chirping of birds on the road, the flowers blooming in the gardens, the happiness on people’s faces, coming home and relaxing over a cup of green tea with the pride of having contributed a tiny bit to the development of the country as a result of a day’s work or study, that’s all. happiness is the essence of excellence.