5 signs that your business needs a CRM

The growth of electronic commerce , the possibility of buying through many more channels and the greater competition between brands have made customers more demanding and less loyal. For this reason, today it is essential to know who you are and what you need , in order to offer you not only the best product, but also personalized attention and an unforgettable experience.

How old are our clients and where do they live? What do you do? What do they buy and how often? Have you made any complaints regarding the service? The good news is that, thanks to technology, today we have many communication channels available to collect that information . For example, social networks or WhatsApp that have been added to the traditional phone calls or emails.

The problem is that this valuable information can accumulate without control , which is why a tool is necessary to centralize it, classify it and allow the generation of useful reports for decision making . Of course, at first we can resort to an Excel template and, in a further step forward, to the business management system of the business . This platform —which can be contracted for a monthly payment— allows you to record and control the entire purchase-sale cycle of the company : from inventory to billing . It includes a special module for clients that creates complete files cWith data such as: account statements, balances, pending orders, reserved products, most purchased products, monthly purchases and scheduled appointments.

And the best: the most advanced versions of these administrative platforms allow you to generate sales campaigns and give commercial follow-up to each prospect , with tools to capture and retain them. So if you still don’t have the budget for a CRM, there are no excuses!

Now, how do you know if your business already needs a CRM and is ready to move to the next level? Pay attention to these five signs.

Sign #1. Business income does not take off

If your company is stagnant and you need to work on a new marketing and sales strategy, it will be essential to have in-depth information about your market segment. But not only that: it will also be necessary to improve all interactions with current and potential customers by recording any information generated by phone, email or message on social networks.

Sign #2. Sales and customer information is messy and scattered

This type of data is not only generated by the sales area, but also by accounting and finance, logistics, customer service and even the reception . A CRM allows you to centralize and order the collection of data through permissions and access to the system for each area; this way information crossing, errors, confusion and lousy customer service are avoided. You can also make backup copies in the cloud , to protect the files and avoid not only losses, but also cyberattacks.

Sign #3. You don’t know what decisions to make

One of the great advantages of a CRM or a business administration system that includes a module of this type , is that it allows you to cross data, generate reports and, therefore, improve the sales strategy and activate more profitable tactics , and not just be a data repository. For example, targeting customers who register a higher purchase ticket ; or define in a few minutes if the users of the online store prefer a 25% discount or free shipping.

Sign #4. You need to integrate all business systems

The billing platform here, the accounting platform there… the Excel templates of the vendors are always outdated. Another of the advantages of a system to manage the relationship with customers is that it allows the orderly integration of all data storage and management platforms , files and documents. Of course, it is essential that when purchasing this system you investigate in depth what the options are and always ask the sales representative about the ability to integrate with other applications. This will allow you to take full advantage of technology and make a more profitable investment.

Sign #5. Your same sellers ask you!

A CRM allows us to detect new business opportunities , build a long-term relationship with customers and even anticipate their demands. The best sellers in the market, the most talented, trained and committed, are perfectly aware of its advantages and use it daily. So, if you really want to empower the talent of your own sales force, you must provide them with the tools they need to make your business more productive and competitive . Don’t let another year go by without taking this important step for the growth of your company and your life project!