5 steps to achieve your goals

Our everyday life has changed again and where most of us were ‘closed’ at home, now we are back to relatively normal rhythms. Now is the right time to take life into our own hands again, since we have already charged our batteries.

What better way to do this than to set goals and get back into the game with energy. It’s a second New Year one might say and it’s our chance to make a fresh start. I should note of course that there is no right time to set goals. Every moment is a good time to set goals.

What are goals?

Goals are the compass of our life, showing us every time when we want to go somewhere and take the next step, the road and the direction to follow to reach our destination. In other words, it is a GPS that shows us the route to get where we want.

Without goals, therefore, we feel ‘lost’ in the madness of everyday life.

How will I achieve my goals?

Below we will see some simple steps to achieve your goals.

1st step: Set 3 goals you want to achieve by the end of your 20s .

The year is going well and now you can set goals that you want to achieve in the next 6 months. Try to be as specific and detailed as possible.

Step 2 :  After you have found your goals, now make a plan with the steps.

Write the steps for each goal one by one. Think about what you can do starting today that will lead you to achieve each goal.

Step 3 : Consider the 3 goals you set for the next 6 months to be your big and final goals.

Now, break those goals down into smaller goals so that it’s easier and more attainable to achieve the bigger ones. You will see that when you succeed in the smaller ones, you will be much more ready and confident for the bigger ones.

 Step 4 : Follow the right routines .

Now that you have already completed the previous steps, you are ready to incorporate into your daily life the appropriate routines that will be consistent with your goals and the steps to achieve them, so that you can be guided to the final image you have for yourself at the end of 2020 .Routines are perhaps the most important part of this process, as they are those small miraculous steps that will lead you to the ideal life for you.

Step 5 : Be consistent .

We have hopefully reached the last and most important step of this process. For the above to make sense, it is very important to stay consistent throughout the process and the steps and routines you have chosen. It is also the step where most people fail and fail to have the life they desire. If you find it difficult to stay consistent, ask for the help of a friend or even better the help of a counselor or Life Coach where they will support you throughout the process.

So these are your own steps that can lead you to your happiness. When we achieve our goals, we have the steering wheel of life in our hands. Find the way and start. Today, not tomorrow, not even on New Years.