7 key answers about Instagram for professional accounts

Every year, Metricool —a platform for planning, managing, and measuring digital strategies— publishes a study on Instagram accounts for businesses and creators. This is a guide for entrepreneurs, C ommunity Managers , marketing specialists and agencies that provides very useful data to expand the reach of publications in one of the fastest growing social networks. Therefore, it is an ideal tool to expand the communication capacity of a brand.

On this occasion, 140,244 professional accounts of different sizes and sectors , 1,651,565 publications and 5,590,426 stories were analyzed during June 2021 to detect general trends. These are the seven big questions that the study answers.

#1. Which post format has the greatest reach?

Feed posts with a single image reach the most people, ahead of carousels, video, and IGTV.

#two. Which format generates more interactions?

The carousel , since it invites you to slide the images that make it up.

#3. Is it better to publish posts or Stories?

Feed posts have an average of five times more reach than Stories , since Stories have an expiration date. In the accounts with a greater number of followers, their number rises six times more.

#4. Which accounts have a greater reach: those with many or few followers?

The smallest. The reach of accounts that have up to 500 followers is 85 percent . On the other hand, those with 50,000 to 45 million followers see that percentage reduced by 22 percent.

#5. Is it important to have a high publication frequency?

Yes. Accounts with a larger number of followers post content to the feed and stories more frequently and regularly . In the feed, accounts with 10,000 to 50,000 followers post six times a week , and accounts with 5,000 to 45 million followers, twice a day .

#6. What are the best days and the best time to post on Instagram?

Mondays and Thursdays at 8 PM . Remember that the best times to post on a social network are determined by the time when there are more active followers .

#7. Should you create agreements with accounts with many followers or few followers?

One of the most interesting conclusions when applying this data is that it is better to work with small accounts , since the reach is greater and the investment is less.