7 Tips for Making More Effective Sales Calls

In recent years, the advance of the Internet and the digitization of processes have radically transformed the way marketing and sales teams work . For this reason, traditional telephone sales techniques are no longer as effective as before , and even the best salespeople have had to adapt to the new reality.

For example, buyers now arrive much more informed about what they need and the options they have ; since they can compare products, services and prices through the Web. Or, they prefer to start a conversation on WhatsApp and reject so-called “cold calls” from companies they have never heard of.

So that your sales start next year with everything, today we want to share seven practical tips to make more effective sales calls.

Tip #1. Consider prospect expectations

The first step is to prepare the call, because if there is something that customers do not want, it is to waste time with questions like “ What do you need? ” or “ What is the line of your business? ”. So collect all the necessary information to focus the phone conversation on two points: what problem they have and how you can help them.

In addition, develop active listening and speak only 30% of the time that the first call lasts. This way you will be able to know the expectations of your prospects , but also their frustrations, their opinions before the competition and their demands. Do not forget also to respect the times of each call and the time in which it was scheduled.

Tip #2. Manage the conversation through questions

The questions you ask your customers will allow you to listen to them and obtain all the information you need to offer them the best solution to their problems. So that they are more efficient and you can discover new areas of opportunity; remember that all must have a clear and concrete objective .

For example, if you sell supplies for bakeries and ask a prospect how he manages his production process , you will detect failures in the process and you will be able to offer product presentations that reduce waste, for example.

Tip #3. Fuel prospect interest with novel ideas

Closing a sale requires, most of the time, more than one call. To keep the interest of the prospect alive, it is necessary to move away from those common practices that will end up boring them, such as sending them a 20-page presentation or including them in the monthly mailing of an irrelevant newsletter.

What other options do you have? For example, you can send your potential client a video via WhatsApp in which you briefly summarize the progress of the conversations and the areas of opportunity that you see for their business. The idea is that in a few minutes that person can understand what the next step is.

Tip #4. Be clear, always

One of the most common mistakes made in sales calls is to assure the client that we can help them with everything, and not focus from the beginning on explaining what our differential value is.

After listening carefully to the client, you have to excite him with a vision of how far he can go if he makes us his ally . For example, if you offer training courses in gastronomy, a good idea is to talk to the prospect about the beginning of his career as a chef, as well as all the details that will really interest him in order to achieve it.

Tip #5. share prices

Most sales representatives avoid sharing information about the price of products and services until the second or third call. And they tremble at the mere idea of ​​seeing them published on the company’s website: and that’s a mistake!

Keep in mind that by sharing essential data like price, sellers can save up to five calls and meetings , as well as significantly increase the conversion rate . After all, clients will find out about your prices sooner or later – it’s best to apply a filter from the start and start a conversation with those who have the budget to work with you.

Tip #6. Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know”

If you are not sure if your product or service can solve a problem or pain in the market: it is better to say “I don’t know, but I promise to give you an answer tomorrow”, than to close a sale and then face a customer complaint.

Your customers don’t expect you to have all the answers; but do not lie to them and do not make them waste time and money . If you do not have the capacity to offer them what they need, do not be afraid to recommend them to another brand or company: this will pleasantly surprise them and will make them recommend you in the future with those who could be your ideal clients.

Tip #7. Learn to handle objections

To lose the fear of objections you must understand that these are usually a synonym of the prospect’s interest. When you don’t ask any questions, you will most likely end up not answering any follow-up calls and disappear .

Always in a respectful and interested manner, do not be afraid to question the objections of your leads, because with this new information obtained you will be able to present your value proposition more effectively. For example, if a prospect questions the price of your product or service, you need to ask him what his reference is , what kind of benefits are included in a competitor’s proposal and if they are really necessary, as well as what the true impact will be in the end. operation and profitability of your business