7 Traits of an Exemplary Man

Every woman has probably at least once in her life served the idea that men’s lives are easy. This is true in a way. Men also have many qualities and skills that women should emulate.

It’s true that men don’t understand or accept the color pink, some throw their socks in the trash, and some don’t close their toothpaste cap… but that being said, don’t get me wrong. If you pay attention to the men around you, they have skills and qualities that you can learn or emulate. You will find that they have at least 7 essential qualities that are not lacking in a female family.


Women – running after the pursuit of external beauty, do not make themselves small. Complaints that my legs aren’t as long as they should be, my hair is thinner, my eyes aren’t nearly as big as I’d like them to be, and constantly worrying about my weight is a common theme for many women, even the fairer ones. What are men doing now? They are happy with everything, they are satisfied with what they deserve.

You have to learn to accept the flaw as it is and live with confidence in yourself and your uniqueness.

Overthinking is harmful

How does a woman think about family? If a problem arises, the woman collects in her mind the consequences that will arise from this problem, thinks about them continuously and forms a chain effect. For example, if her husband forgets something, for example, the sweets he promised to bring, he thinks that he did not forget it, but that he knew it, but did not try to remember it. Even with this logic, what comes to the woman’s mind: if she didn’t remember that, then she must have been thinking about someone else (something else), I don’t care. Here, as it is said, “urn after urn”, in this case, the presumptive actions of the man “help” the woman.

He should learn not to think about others at all.

No drama or tension, just relaxation

If a man has some kind of failure, then the woman, unlike the family, sees the cause of everything in himself and does not feel sorry for himself. A man is usually able to calm down quickly for something different and accept the situation as it is. And when it happens in connection with a woman, it makes the woman angry. A man’s principle in this regard is not to get nervous about anything, but to worry about what he can do or think about other things.

We have to learn to be confident in what we are capable of, not to change and not to invent different kinds of games.

Knowing your place

If a woman is more assertive and insists on having what she wants and is willing to fight inappropriately for it, or even fight, people will perceive her as a brat who doesn’t know her place. This situation is not popular. A man, knowing his place in this situation, will be able to look at everything with a simple eye.
Therefore, in being a leader, it is necessary to learn to show yourself with simplicity and to be able to get many people to support you. But even worse, it is enough to limit yourself to what is important to you, without overdoing it.

Literal understanding

If a man wants to say something, he expresses it literally, in a more understandable way. They don’t know how to signal something with their subtler nudges, mean looks, tacit agreements, and subtle feelings that are true in women’s opinion. As a result, arguments and misunderstandings arise out of nowhere.

More clearly, you should learn to speak in plain language, just like in business.

In Pursuit of Happiness: Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Many psychologists believe that the formula for happiness for women is to have a husband and children that they truly love. Men, on the other hand, want to feel happy without being tied down. For them, in addition to the family, there is work, entertainment, education and other things that contribute to self-improvement.

We need to learn to love ourselves, make time for it and not wait for someone to make us happy. Our inner harmony and happiness make our loved ones happy too.

Female solidarity?

There is no assumption or sympathy in male friendship. For a man, his wife’s support is often most evident in situations where emotional sympathy is needed and the interests of his partner are not affected. It should be noted that disagreements between the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law are a separate issue. Also, it is known that every woman creates a story even when she is gossiping behind her back or when she is thinking up a story.