About Us

Only a few books can make it onto the all-time best-seller list . The bar is very high, and they do not make it easy for the rest that are looking for their place in the market and in the hands of readers. Impossible mission a priori. It is also true that it has several centuries of advantage in terms of sales, although we assume that it has not been time that has raised the work to be the best-selling in the world .

Before starting to write, it is good  to have your goal in mind  both in terms of topic and positioning. What do I do, and what should I write about? Once the theme has been identified, it is necessary  to find and choose the keywords  and related keywords on which to focus the article, as well as check if these are really relevant to position the site. What keywords do I want to rank for? There are so many tools available to find the most relevant or used ones, including of course:

The writing of the content must be adapted  to the type of user you want to reach and to the type of research – or action – that is expected of him. The user can in fact carry out different types of searches:

  • Informational : you are looking for information or a tutorial. The goal for those who provide content is to give that information in the clearest, most concise and at the same time complete way possible;
  • Navigational : the search intent is more precise, because the user directly types in the search bar the site he wants to reach. It does this because it may not remember the exact URL or simply don’t feel like typing it;
  • Transactional : in this case the user is willing to carry out an action (or a transaction, in fact), such as buying a product or service, registering for some event, downloading files, etc.