Advantages and disadvantages of youth work

many  Justins  decide to find some  work  after high school, or to do it temporarily, only during vacations. On the one hand, there are those who see it as good, because it is a way to gain experience, to mature and, by the way, they have an extra salary for their things, on the other hand, there are those who see it as bad, because it separates them withdraw from their studies and lower their performance. Let’s see some  advantages and disadvantages of youth work .

The situation is a bit complex. Although it seems a lot that young people start with their responsibilities, it may seem to others that it is a disadvantage because they leave school and prefer to work. However, the best assessment will be from the critical point of each person and the personality of each youth, and for this we will discuss its advantages in detail.


  • teenage job
  • ‘ benefits
  • The disadvantages

Teenage work

already a teenager you can start working from the age of 16 together with an authorization from their parents or legal guardians. It is not necessary for them to do so if they are financially dependent enough and while studying. There are youths who have free time to combine both practices and there are those who do not have time to do it.

There are potential advantages to combining study with a job, but there are also disadvantages. Of course, a long day’s work is not recommended every day and even when their classes end. Yes, accepting a job for fewer hours can be allowed, although the decision is made by the person who will do it.


There are many advantages to  teenage working life : one of them is  personal growth , which can certainly help those who are a little more shy to function in social life. Another benefit is learning and recognition of your part of the effort that earns some money.

  • Learn to manage your own money . Always with the consent and support of the parents, they can be given the opportunity to learn to manage their own money. In this way, they create an assessment of it and decide how to spend and save it.
  • It is another advantage that is often most appreciated, and that is the fact that they can have their  extra salary to spend  it on their things, because often trips, shopping, etc.
  • Values ​​of money as a life skill. But this is something that needs to be controlled if we don’t want it to become a negative point. Well, if the youth feels that he can do things now just because he has his money, then he thinks that he is already capable regardless , when this is usually impossible, because the salary of these jobs is usually not very high.
  • It will increase your work experience . If you have a job, you can provide enough information to give you an idea of ​​what to do when you finish your studies. In this way, he already has a small curriculum, he knows what it is to work and thus he will judge whether he will start his own company in the future or work as an employee.
  • You will create a new skill for your life. If your job is to work with clients, it will create independence and trust. In this way, he manages difficult and conflict situations where he has to develop skills to resolve them.

The disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage is undoubtedly the  loss of interest in studies , because having your salary and being able to do what you want with it can be much more pleasant than getting a good grade on an exam. This is something that can be managed at first, but in the long run there is a chance that your only goal is to work somewhere full-time and earn more. Which he certainly also to leave the high school or the high school.

  • Less time to study. As we have already said, it is not necessary to have a full-time job. Having a job of more than 20 hours a week can create low grades. A very short weekday job or where you have to put in a few hours on the weekend could be comparable. The purpose is that you don’t have time to complete your tasks, that both things require a lot of effort and that it ends up creating stress.
  • They cannot enjoy their free time . Having both can force you to record everything. In this way, you can lose opportunities that you already have at your age, such as participating in your social environment or belonging to a sports environment.
  • A further increase in substance abuse. Many teenagers with extra money may be at greater risk of indulging themselves with alcohol and drugs. The addition of increased responsibility, no support and where extra money is kept, many young people can make wrong decisions.

The fact that a teenager works can be beneficial and risky at the same time. Everything depends on the support of the family, the maturity of the young people and how their organizational skills are. Much depends on how the parents want to guide the situation.

Therefore, even if they are working and independent, this does not mean that they have already solved everything. The need of the parents must still be present, they must offer their support so that you can solve the problems.

In addition, you must follow your studies and your daily homework. Don’t neglect the family dynamic where you need to continue to enjoy your free time, your family and friends. If young people do not quickly learn to organize themselves, they can neglect their studies, lower their qualifications and fill the gaps by wanting to spend money on things they did not buy before. Therefore, accompanying their education is of vital importance.