Aurora Store: The best alternative to the Play Store

If you use a Firestick Android box , surely it will have crossed your mind to install the Google Play Store as well . However, you soon learned that devices based on Fire OS do not have the services of the search giant and therefore it is impossible to install the Google Play store on them. However we also know that on Android there is never a shortage of alternatives and in addition to Aptoide TV , on Firestick (and on all other Android devices) we can install another fantastic market, namely Aurora Store .

Aurora Store is a fork of Yalp Store that offers pretty much all the same features, but from a much sleeker and more functional interface. While it’s a fork, it’s basically the same app and lets you download any Google Play APK but without having a Google account.

Aurora Store has the same information as Google Play. With this app, you can check app descriptions, screenshots, updates, comments from other users, and download the APK directly to your device with just one tap. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to search for older versions of apps on the Aurora Store as long as you have the version code.

In addition to all these features, Aurora Store also makes it easy to manage the apps already installed on your device. From the Aurora Store, you’ll be able to check for new updates for any of your apps, block an app from being updated, and choose whether you’d like to automatically delete APKs once you install an app or keep them on your device.

Overall, Aurora Store is an intriguing app, completing two functions. First, it makes it easy for you to download virtually any APK offered on Google Play, and second, it lets you manage the apps that are already on your device. All from an elegant and intuitive interface.

How to install Aurora Store on Firestick

Step 1: Enable Developer Options on Firestick

If you have already enabled Developer Options on your Firestick, skip this step.

  • We go to the “ Settings” menu (gear icon) and then choose “ My Fire TV ”.
  • Click on the item ” Information“.
  • Now  click 7 times on your device name. A writing will appear informing us of the activation of the developer mode.
  • Now go back and you will see that on the previous page ” MY FIRE TV“, we will indeed see that the  Developer options item  has appeared under the ” Information ” item.
  • Done!
Step 2: Install Downloader

If you have already installed Downloader, go directly to Step 3 .

  • Go into Developer Options.
  • Click on  Applications from Unknown Sources and set it to  ON .
  • Go to the Firestick home, click on the lens and type ” downloader“.
  • Downloader will immediately appear in the suggestions  , so scroll down and click on it.
  • Now click on  Downloader and then on  Install .

Perfect, now that Downloader is installed on both Firesticks, let’s see how to install Aurora Store.

Step 3: Aurora Store installation

  • Start Downloader and in the address bar, enter the code 760400and proceed by clicking on Go .
  • Wait for the redirect to take you to the file’s web page, scroll down a bit and click Download.
  • Wait for the app to download and then install it.

The file weighs only 5.9 MB (this image does not correspond to Aurora Store)

  • At the end of the installation you will be asked to delete the APK file you just downloaded. Confirm the deletion by double clicking on “ Delete“.

Image related to another APK file

First start

Upon first launch, Aurora Store requires a little setup; follow these steps:

  • ACCEPTthe Aurora Store terms of service.
  • On the following screens, always click on Next.
  • You will now need to set all three options to GRANT. Only in this case, if you shouldn’t be able to move around the various options with the remote control, you will have to use Mouse Toggle . To learn more, read this article .
  • Now as a last step, click on Anonymous.

Now you can install as many apps as you like. There’s also Kodi  .

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