Can you cross your legs during pregnancy?

It is true that many women adopt the posture of crossing their legs when sitting. According to the data and in some advertising campaigns, it has been described that this attitude is harmful to the circulation. While we remember, spending a lot of time in this position can eventually leave the foot or leg numb. Other questions are whether you can cross your legs during pregnancy and therefore we will discuss if this posture has consequences for the mother or the child.

There are many questions and a great debate is opened about what things a pregnant woman can or cannot do. Regarding feeding is one of the keys and where one hundred percent is not trusted about what is introduced into the body. It is worth listening to some of the warnings where many of them are not noticed or where such doubts exist.


  • Can you cross your legs during pregnancy?
  • Is crossing the legs harmful to the baby?
  • Crossing the legs can harm the mother

Can you cross your legs during pregnancy?

We know the ins and outs of crossing the legs. They vary from an innumerable list of consequences that are all related to blood pressure. It may eventually cause nerve damage or varicose veins, although further investigation is needed to see what is true in all these theories.

What is certain is that staying in this position for a long time can cause peroneal nerve palsy which can cause you to be unable to lift the front of the foot, or the fingers. If this happens when you are not pregnant, imagine what it would be like to adopt this position when you already maintain a protruding belly.

You can cross your legs during pregnancy, but without a doubt, the size and position of your hips will leave you in no doubt that the most relaxed position is to not cross your legs and open them a little.

Is crossing the legs harmful to the baby?

There is nothing wrong with your legs crossed. The baby is fully protected inside the womb thanks to the amniotic fluid, the cervix and the mucous membranes. These elements protect you from many unexpected events and the fact that you have crossed your legs it is not strong enough to harm or disturb the baby.

It has also been said that it can cut off the baby’s breath , something that is totally absurd, because the air does not enter the baby from the outside and is only administered through the amniotic sac through the umbilical cord, in a closed space.

Another myth is that if you stay for a long time with your legs crossed, the umbilical cord could wrap around the baby’s neck over time. This fact usually happens often, but no action is ever related to this specific data.

Crossing the legs can harm the mother

We have already detailed that crossing the legs while sitting does not harm the baby at all. But this position is not recommended because keeping this position for a long time may disturb the blood circulation in the legs.

In itself, the increase or volume of blood in a pregnant woman, the weight of the baby and the accumulation of fluids is quite a common discomfort. If the woman tends to cross her legs, the problem can further intensify . The blood vessels in this position are pressed making the circulation very difficult.

If the difficulty in blood circulation continues, it can create related problems, including varicose veins . During pregnancy, they can already be a problem during pregnancy and the accumulation of fluids, but if we do not take measures, such as crossing the legs, they can become much worse . Varicose veins can be very unpleasant, annoying and create itching and burning sensation.

Blood obstruction is associated with other health problems and this can occur, such as numbness, tingling, numbness in the legs, a feeling of heaviness, back pain and a feeling of tired legs.