Facebook Inbox;Complete Guide

Getting acquainted with the social network Facebook, it is important not to miss the most important points related to working in this network. One of these moments is information about activity on the social network: about various events, innovations, it is important to track the reaction of other users to the content you post, not to miss messages from friends and subscribers.


  • But where is this information?
  • Personal profile
    • Where can I view messages?
  • Account page

But where is this information?

Let’s figure out how to work on Facebook with all incoming messages. Namely:

  • In a personal profile.
  • And on the pages.

Personal profile

If a social network is used to maintain a personal profile, then messages of this kind may be received:

  • messages from friends in the Inbox;
  • requests for correspondence from users not from the friend list;
  • friendship proposals;
  • notifications from a social network;
  • support information.

Where can I view messages?

The horizontal bar at the top is the first thing a user sees when they log into their account. The most important icons are located just on this panel, as well as on the left.

Two silhouettes of men – requests for adding to friends. Here you can also see a list of people suggested by the social network that you may know and may want to add as friends.

Lightning in a circle – messenger icon. Here you can chat with friends and other users, receive some types of notifications.

Bell – notifications. Almost all information about activity in the social network, which is directly or indirectly related to a particular user, is concentrated here. It is in this segment that you can see the reactions of other people to user actions (replies to comments, likes, reposts).

Question mark – quick help. Not everyone knows about this, but in this section, in addition to calling help and privacy settings, there are messages from Facebook support. If you have contacted technical support and are waiting for a response, it may be worth looking into this section.

Account page

If a user opens a business page on a social network, he receives a comprehensive toolkit with which he can simultaneously work on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, and set up an automatic response system. In a word, it will get a workspace with a very good range of possibilities.

How everything works:

  1. Open the page (log in to the social network, find the “Pages” section on the left, open the one you need in the “My Page” section).
  2. Above your cover photo or video, click the Inbox tab.

In the left column, the options available are “Messages”, “Comments” and “Automatic replies”.

  • Click ” Messages“: all messages sent by users via the messenger will be displayed on the right. Here you can set the status: “online” and “out of office”, as well as schedule a period of activity for a particular status.
  • Below there is a section ” Instagram“: here you can manage the direct account on Instagram, if it is linked to your page.
  • In the ” Comments and more” section, you can not only read comments, but also sort them using the “spam”, “read” and “done” markers. There is also an option to search entries by username. These features are available for both Facebook and Instagram.
  • ” Automatic replies” is the most extensive section. Here, greetings for new visitors are set up, answers to the most frequently asked questions are automatically given, thank-you messages are generated for recommending the page to friends, and reminders for customers.
  • Help section on messages at https://www.facebook.com/help/994476827272050/?helpref=hc_fnav.

Interesting to know: previously, each user of the social network automatically received a mailbox with the address username@facebook.com. This option appeared in 2012 and worked for a very short time. In 2014, the social network turned out to be from the mail service.