10 best Free Calculator Apps;You Must Use

Free calculator apps.Want to know what are the best free calculator apps for Android and iPhone ? Here is a guide where to download the best calculator apps.Every day we need to take into account numbers and data to get a detailed picture of what the expenses are, or simply the most useful calculations for a work or study activity. From this perspective, the calculator becomes indispensable , a tool that in a few seconds allows us to solve equations and inequalities online , but also other simple and complex mathematical operations.

As you can imagine not all calculators are identical to each other, in addition to the traditional ones, with only the numbers and basic operations, you can take advantage of more advanced tools such as scientific calculators. In today’s guide we are going to take a look at what are the best free calculators you can use on Android and iOS, in order to meet your needs if you have specific ones.

We also recommend that you take a look at the school apps , which can help you optimize your everyday life even more.

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  • 10 best free calculator apps
    • Graphing Calculator + Math (Android)
    • Calculator Plus (Android, iOS)
    • Google calculator (Android)
    • Calculator Pro + for iPad (iOS)
    • Calc Smart Calculator (Android)
    • RealCalc Scientific Calculator (Android)
    • Panecal Plus (Android)
    • Scientific calculator (Android)
    • Calculator + (iOS)
    • Uno Calculator (Android, iOS)
  • Other free calculator apps
  • How to find the calculator on your Android and iOS mobile phone

10 best free calculator apps

There are various types of calculators and, considering the mathematical calculations they can perform, we can distinguish them into five different types: common calculator, scientific, graphical, financial and currency converter.

We wanted to compile a list of 10 free calculator apps because there are so many on the online stores. Selecting ten high-level ones will help you not to find yourself complex to manage and graphically poor software.

1. Graphing Calculator + Math (Android)

Let’s start with one of the most popular free calculators for students and workers: Graphics + Math . As you can deduce from the name, it is mainly aimed at those who need to work with mathematics, in fact, you can take advantage of graphs, trigonometric functions and much more.

Although it is only available on Android operating systems, it is extremely complete, in fact you can use the scientific calculator , the graph calculator , the function calculator , the algebraic calculator and even the matrix calculator . As you can imagine, it doesn’t get any better if you have an Android smartphone.

2. Calculator Plus (Android, iOS)

Absolute alternative solution is the one available for both iOS and Android and is Calculator Plus . Although it may seem aesthetically not excellent and does not offer amazing functions like the previous one, it is characterized by a disarming simplicity of use and optimal compatibility even on older systems.

From a graphic point of view you will find yourself using a calculator very similar to those of the past , without too many frills, whose purpose is to allow you a quick and functional calculation. Interesting is its ability to store the history of your operations , in order to guarantee maximum versatility if you are carrying out numerous calculations.

3. Google calculator (Android)

We chose Google’s famous calculator as a third alternative , maybe you weren’t aware that the well-known company had also developed one for its users.

If you already own a smartphone from Google, that is a Pixel, then this calculator is already pre-installed, while if you don’t already have one you could download it on the Play Store on your Android operating system .

In addition to the basic operations you can also take advantage of the scientific calculator , certainly very useful to facilitate you in the calculations of logarithmic, exponential and trigonometric functions. The sine and cosine will no longer be your fear.

4. Calculator Pro + for iPad (iOS)

Among the simplest calculators to use is certainly Calculator Pro + for iPad , although it is an application dedicated only to owners of Apple devices, it allows you to have everything you want at your fingertips.

As in the Apple tradition, the software developed are simple to use and particularly functional, in fact, even this application is no exception. You will be able to carry out the simplest calculations, but also take advantage of the scientific calculator , the latter will be activated automatically by simply rotating the screen horizontally.

The operations you can perform are almost endless, but here is a general idea of ​​the main ones: calculation in degrees and radians , calculation history , conversions , graphical customization , copy and paste of the expression results and the e-mailing of the calculations. You can take advantage of the free or paid calculator, at a cost of 1.09 euros.

5. Calc Smart Calculator (Android)

If you don’t like the free calculators listed above, you could choose the Smart Calculator , an application that has nothing to envy to the previous ones. Graphically it is particularly elegant and allows you to take full advantage of the black theme too , which doesn’t hurt.

The limitation for Android has made the calculator particularly optimized, not only for basic calculations, but also to take full advantage of scientific functions. If you want a no-nonsense calculator, this one might surprise you with its ease and graphic quality.

6. RealCalc Scientific Calculator (Android)

The solution that points directly to those who need a well -rounded scientific calculator is RealCalc , this allows you to have an infinity of scientific operations.

You will be presented with a very simple interface , with which you can perform mathematical operations whether you were a student, whether you were a teacher or a professional.

The most interesting operations that you can use are: customization of conversions , trigonometric functions , algebraic operations , percentage calculations , binary , hexadecimal , octal conversions and of course unit conversions . It is interesting to save the history of the operations performed and obviously its unique interface. You could download both the free and paid versions.

7. Panecal Plus (Android)

When it comes to free scientific calculator, it is difficult not to include Panecal Plus among the best , a solution that can be useful to you both in private and in the workplace. However, you must be the owner of an Android smartphone , otherwise you won’t find it on the App Store.

The app was created mainly to satisfy the needs of those who study mechanical engineering , as it can carry out extremely technical and specific operations in this area. It’s actually excellent even for those studying construction engineering , but you can imagine the operations are very similar.

The best features include checking the formulas entered and recalculating to verify that the procedure used is optimal. You will then be able to calculate any operations you need, including the memory functions. All this at a price of € 2.79 on the Play Store.

8. Scientific calculator (Android)

If you really want to go classic and focus on a free calculator that is always reliable, you can choose the Scientific Calculator for Android . You will find a very simple interface to use, where the functions are intuitive and quick to start.

Aesthetically it doesn’t offer much, but if you love the design of traditional calculators you won’t mind. You will be able to perform operations of: fractions , equations , binary , trigonometric , bitwise , statistics , conversions and complex numbers . You can also create color charts, not bad right?

9. Calculator + (iOS)

Whoever has an Apple device has installed Calculator + at least once in their life , but it is not only the most popular on the App Store, but also the one that offers you the most functions.

You will be able to calculate the basic functions , but also go further with scientific calculations , conversions and radians . It also supports the history of previous operations and most of all you will love the ability to enter the dark theme . If you also owned an Apple Watch then you could use this free calculator on that as well. In this regard, we invite you to take a look at our selection of the best apps for Apple Watch .

10. Uno Calculator (Android, iOS)

We want to close this list of best free scientific calculator with a solution that you can take advantage of on both Android and iOS , namely Uno Calculator . Technically it is the same application present on Windows 10 , in fact, we can consider it to all intents and purposes a port. It turns out to be a complete calculator, with which you can carry out all the operations you want, be these basic or scientific,

Its strong point, however, remains the conversion , always precise and full of parameters often absent in other software. Again if you have problems with the Windows 10 calculator , you can take advantage of our guide in the proposed link.

Other free calculator apps

Here are other calculators that have nothing to envy to the one just listed. You can try them on your phone, check their potential and calculation features.

  • Financial Calculators( Android , iOS ): for mobile phones and tablets, this is an app that includes Bishinews’ complete package of financial calculators.
  • Calculator ++( Android ): easy to use, this calculator will help you solve the most complex problems thanks to its intuitive and quick interface.
  • PhotoMath( Android , iOS ): offers a calculator, but not only, breaking down math problems by scanning them with the camera.

How to find the calculator on your Android and iOS mobile phone

Android : Phones with this operating system have the calculator app pre-installed and already present on the phone’s Home screen . If you can’t find it, swipe from the bottom up and in the Search bar type the item ” Calculator ” to find it. If you have a Samsung smartphone you can install the Samsung Calculator app .

iOS : If you have an iPhone X and later and want to use the Apple Calculator, swipe down from the top right corner, or swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to open Control Center and access Calculator