Gray Tick on Facebook; Complete Guide


When sending a message to the interlocutor, we always think whether it has reached or not. To accurately know about successful delivery in Facebook services, a special symbol system has been developed. In this article, we will tell you how to interpret checkboxes in Messenger and in personal correspondence on your profile.


  • On Facebook
  • В Messenger
  • Not sent

On Facebook

All messages that you exchange with the interlocutor can be tracked by certain icons:

  • rounded gray arrow– successful message sending;
  • gray checkmark– your message has been read.

They are not hard to find. The icons are located immediately below the messages they refer to.

Attention : if you are chatting with a friend, he may see the incoming message in the Inbox folder. If you wrote to a person with whom you are not friends on Facebook, then the message will be in the “Correspondence Requests” folder. This is the main problem: users rarely access this folder and may not even see what someone wrote to them. For this reason, it is better to first send a friend request on Facebook, and then start a correspondence. So there are more chances that the message will be read.

В Messenger

The Facebook app is a little different. Various checkboxes are used here, which differ depending on the stages of sending. For beginners who are just learning Messenger, it is very easy to get confused by these symbols. It is not always clear what is the difference between a checkmark, which is located in a white circle, and a checkmark, which is in the same circle, but blue. This can cause confusion and doubts about the correct operation of the program. Some users even complain about the service because of letters that, in their opinion, do not reach the interlocutor.

Let’s take a look at this symbolism:

an empty circle with a blue border – the message is in the process of being sent;

a blue circle with a white checkmark inside – the message was successfully sent;

blue tick in a white circle – the message has been delivered to the recipient;

miniature avatar of the interlocutor – the message was read by the addressee. If you click on the photo of a person under the message, you can find out the date and time when he read it.

Now you are aware of what designation each checkmark has on Facebook. This knowledge will help you better track the fate of each message, without getting lost in conjectures and doubts.

Not sent

It is quite easy to understand that there was a problem during the sending process – a triangle will appear, inside of which there will be a red exclamation mark. The main reason for its appearance is a failure to connect to the Internet network, which prevented the successful sending of a message.

Most often, along with the icon, the inscription “This message was not sent” appears. If you are facing this issue, then there is no need to panic. It is worth updating your internet connection and resending the message.

Attention : when sending important information, do not close the application until you are sure that the download process went smoothly. In order not to lose valuable data, you can save an offline copy of the messag