Writing for the web is a discipline which, thanks to the proliferation of modern technologies and the increasing number of existing internet sites, is spreading like wildfire; like any discipline, new or presumed, it provides well-defined rules to be followed and particular knowledge to be put in place.

The first thing to clarify right away is that writing on the web is different, and even a lot, compared to traditional editorial writing : writing for the web has nothing to do with the classic profession of writer, journalist for paper, corrector. of drafts etc… of course having a solid foundation in terms of writing can be a substantial advantage. But alone it will not be enough to make us a good Seo Copywriter.

To understand the concept it is enough to start from what is our initial goal ; that is, to ensure that our text is read by the highest possible number of users . On the other hand, who would want to waste their time producing an article or text content for the web knowing that it will then be read by very few people?