How to accept yourself: a guide to self-acceptance

It is not easy to be human and find a self-acceptance definition that works. It seems that many people live without self-acceptance . They have no understanding of aspects of themselves that are less attractive or simply negative.

In our guide, you can get advice on how to be happy with yourself and understand your own thoughts better. Here you will get help to deal with self-criticism . That way, self-acceptance and love for yourself will be able to follow you throughout your life.

What is self-acceptance, really?

This is a big question. The answer, however, is quite simple, at least on paper. Self-acceptance is about accepting yourself as you are . True self-acceptance can be said to be about embracing your whole self, and including all positive and negative sides.

In such a definition of self-acceptance, it is not enough to appreciate only one’s own positive aspects. Here you must also dare to open up to the negative aspects of yourself.

Only when you dare to admit to yourself that you have less attractive sides will you see yourself as a whole person , and begin the exciting journey towards self-acceptance and harmony in life .

Is there a difference between self-acceptance and self-confidence?

It can be easy to confuse self-confidence and self-acceptance. Both terms begin with ‘self’. But there is a big difference between having confidence in yourself and fully accepting yourself.

In short, we can say that self-esteem is about your relationship with your personality and yourself. Do you believe that you are capable of succeeding in what you want to do? Do you think you have as much value as others? Do you think you can take on tasks you haven’t done before? The confidence you have in yourself can give you a clue as to whether your inner compass is directed towards positive or negative aspects of yourself.

Self-acceptance can be said to be greater than the concept of self-esteem. Self-acceptance is about an inner acceptance of everything you consist of . Self-acceptance can be a kind of foundation for good self-esteem because you have a good relationship with all aspects of yourself.

Are there techniques that can strengthen self-acceptance?

You can see accepting your whole self as a possible gateway to being able to do something about your negative sides . For example, are you always as cheerful as you would like? Do you always clean up after yourself? Because even though it may seem like people around you have a perfect life and a perfect image, everyone has something less attractive.

There are a couple of simple techniques that can be used to get closer to self-acceptance. Here it is important to search inward and find peace within oneself.

The first thing you can do to achieve self-acceptance is to pay attention to your own thoughts . Your thoughts can give you an indication of whether you have a fundamentally positive attitude or a more negative attitude towards yourself.

There may be many interesting answers to be found here. If you spend some time examining what thoughts you are thinking, you will be able to learn a lot about yourself.