How to Access the Deep Web Safely on Android

Did you know that what we usually see on the Internet is only 80% of what is on the Internet ? This is because there is a deep internet that is synonymous with the Deep Web . In this medium we can find all kinds of things that are not available on the conventional Internet,  but a series of programs are needed to access it. Therefore, today we are going to see how to enter the Deep Web safely on Android.

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What is the Hidden Internet or Deep Web?

«The deep web is a set of websites and databases that common search engines cannot find since they are not indexed. The content that can be found within the deep web is vast.”

Source: Wikipedia

How to Access the Deep Web Safely on Android

First of all I am not responsible for the use that you give to this tutorial since in this world you can find many types of information. Another thing I want to let you know is that it is perfectly possible to access the Deep Web on Android without ROOT , since it is a totally dispensable requirement. That being said, let’s continue with the tutorial on how to access the Deep Web with Android .

How to Install the Deep Web on Android

The first thing we have to do to enjoy the Hidden Internet of the Deep Web is to use TOR . Since this system allows us to browse anonymously , because it encrypts our data to move safely with the TOR network .

That said, to navigate the TOR network we will need a couple of programs:

The first of them to be able to enter the Deep Web on Android is called Orbot . This application gives us the possibility to use the Hidden Internet in a more secure way thanks to the fact that Orbot uses Tor to encode its traffic.

  • Binding

The second program that you must download to access the Deep Web safely on Android is called Tor Browser . This app is a TOR browser for Android , so you can easily navigate the Deep Web .

You can download the TOR browser for Android from the link below:

  • Tor Browser

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What do you think of this tutorial on how to access the Deep Web with Android safely ? What curious things have you discovered in the Deep Internet ? I would like to read your comments, I answer them all. You can also help me by sharing this post with your social networks.