How to Activate Gmail Confidential Mode on Android

Internet security is something that worries many users since computer crime has increased exponentially in the last decade. Because of this, it is no longer enough to have a good antivirus on your PC or on your Android phone , no, now we have to have an education based on computer security, such as knowing which emails use fraudulent phishing techniques or which files cannot be opened due to malware . That is why today we are going to learn a technique to make our emails more secure , we just have to activate the confidential mode of Gmail on Android.

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What Is Gmail Confidential Mode And What Is It For?

It is an option that this platform offers us to send emails with an expiration date or that can only be opened if the user knows the password , that gives us a lot of security.

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How to Activate Gmail Confidential Mode on Android

Enable the confidential mode of Gmail on the mobile , we must be on the “Compose” screen of an email . Once inside we must look at the 3 vertical points at the top right , press it.

Now we will see a menu with different options, the one that interests us is “Confidential Mode” , we press it.

Configuring Confidential Mode In Gmail

On this screen we can enable the “Confidential Mode” tab and also the expiration date of the email and even require a password if necessary.

Activate Gmail Confidential Mode

Now we will see how a label appears just below the body of the message with the date on which our e-mail expires, in which we can read the following: “The options for recipients to forward, copy, print or download the content of this email will be disabled .

How to Disable Gmail Confidential Mode

To disable this mode we just have to do the following:

  1. We select the mailbox sent .
  2. We select the mail that we send in confidential mode .
  3. We give it where it says “Remove Access” .

In this simple way we can deactivate access to the confidential mode to the mail that we previously sent by Gmail .

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