How To Apply To Join TikTok Creators Fund

Social networks are already part of the daily life of millions of people around the world, in recent years they have not only become a means of interaction, but can also be a way of working. TikTok pays its content creators  as a reward for a certain number of views, advertising also influences this as we will see below.

TikTok is a platform that allows you to create, edit and publish small videos of less than a minute. What sets it apart from other very similar social networks is how easy it is to apply filters, which end up being the center of interest in some videos.

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What is TikTok?

TikTok is one of the trending applications of the moment , it is available for iOS and Android from the App Store and Google Play. TikTok was born from the merger of the old similar platform called and Douyin , this merger could not have been more successful.

TikTok has experienced an exponential increase in users since its creation, in Spain it has reached 800,000 active users at the same time and abroad we can count them in the millions. In the case of Spain, we can count almost 3 million users, including young people and people between 20-30 years of age.

This social network has become so popular thanks to its short video format of no more than one minute. In these videos they play with humor, effects and music. Without a doubt, the effects are the strong point of TikTok, being on many occasions the center of the popularity of the videos.

TikTok is a social network with a lot of potential and that allows its creators to reach a very large audience in a relatively short time. It is very easy for a specific video to get thousands of views because the TikTok algorithm itself recommends those videos that it considers to be trending . The tricky thing is getting all the videos to have a high number of views.

The success of  tiktokers  (content creators on this digital platform) is due to the fact that they are able to follow current trends and create original content. For example, you can analyze the filters or the most popular songs of the moment in this application. If original content is created, TikTok will position that video in the places with the highest visibility because it considers that it is something that other users will like.

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What Are The Requirements To Monetize TikTok? 2022

TikTok does not pay for all the people who decide to post videos on its social network, nor does it pay equally for those with a greater number of views or followers than others. In order to  monetize TikTok videos , users have to meet a series of requirements. The application begins to pay its users when they achieve 1000 views on a video or more, for a video to be monetizable it has to be original content.

It may seem very difficult to reach 1000 views for a video, but the truth is that it is easier than it sounds if we take into account the recommendations of the platform’s own algorithm, uploading content consistently is not going to be excessively complicated either, the difficult part it will be to maintain 1000 views or more in each of the videos.

The requirements to be able to  monetize a TikTok account in Spain  are the same as in the rest of the countries. The positive aspect of TikTok’s policy is that in all its countries they have the same payment policy and the same requirements to be able to access that financing, whatever the method within the application.

How To Apply To Join TikTok Creators Fund 2022

The  TikTok Creators Fund  is a monetary fund for the creators of this digital platform that seeks to shield their income in order to make more secure transactions. The Creators Fund has already been implemented in countries like the United States and in Europe it is becoming increasingly popular.

In order to receive certain amounts of money through this social network you will have to belong to the Creators Fund. To be able to join you just have to be over 18 years old, have a stable base of 100,000+ followers, have a total of 100,000+ views in the last 30 days, post original and regular content, and follow the community guidelines. from TikTok.

Activating the TikTok Creators Fund is relatively easy. First you have to enter your profile and click on the 3 buttons at the top, it is very important that you make sure that you have the account configured in its PRO version, otherwise you will not be able to join the TikTok Creators Fund.

Then access the Author option and click on the text “Creators Fund”. When you have reached this section, it will ask you to confirm if you are over 18 years of age and to accept its terms and conditions in order to continue. It is very important that you do not lie about your age because you will then have to provide your identity document and it must match the owner of the account, it is something that the TikTok service will look at carefully.

Subsequently, they will request a series of data to continue, you will have to fill in the boxes with your full name and the two surnames if you have, the address, if you are self-employed or not to be able to pay your own bills or not, and the NIF or DNI in the case of Spain.

With this you have requested payment from TikTok as a content creator on this platform through the Creators Fund. It is very likely that the TikTok Creators Fund service will not accept your application on the first try as there are countless applications and they will have to prioritize the most forward-thinking tiktokers within their application. If your application was rejected on the first attempt, you will be able to try again after 30 days.

How Much Money Is Charged On Tik Tok? 2022

The money that is charged on TikTok may depend on aspects related to this social network such as the number of followers of an account, the views of a video, the number of live broadcasts that the user makes. It must also be taken into account that not all countries pay the same, and that content creators can make external collaborations with brands.

These are the  ways in which TikTok pays  its content creators:

Pay per 1000 views

TikTok is a social network that does not pay its content creators particularly well, it starts paying them after 1,000 views and the reward will be between 2 and 3 sorry for every 10,000 views, although this may vary. In the case of the United States, the payment of social networks to their content creators is usually somewhat higher.

If we do the math, you would have to reach a million views to be able to get the first €20 or €30. It is very easy to reach 1000 views and start monetizing a video, but it is very difficult to reach a million. It is possible for a video to go viral for a specific reason, but you would have to have a lot of videos with that high number of views in order to earn a certain amount of money.

Payment through live transmissions

There are other complementary ways to  earn money with TikTok ; You can make live broadcasts where you can interact with your followers. In these live broadcasts, your followers will have the option of giving you virtual gifts that have been purchased with real money. The price of these gifts can be 30 virtual coins on Android with a value of €1.09 and 65 virtual coins for iOS with the same value.

In order to redeem these gifts, the virtual currencies are converted into diamonds within the application, but they are transferred to PayPal and converted into real money. It’s easy to make money this way because you only need 1000 followers or more, although if you have few followers you won’t get as much profit, especially when you’re growing.

Payments for external collaborations and sponsorships

Tiktokers earn certain profits by collaborating with external brands and sponsorship, brands are betting on these content creators as a form of advertising. This user will publish something related to their brand and in exchange they will be paid to promote it. These commercial agreements can be the real source of income for the platform.

With collaborations and sponsorships, not only can money be obtained thanks to the brands, but these videos can also be paid for the number of views.

The first thing brands look for in a content creator on this social network is to be able to differentiate themselves from the rest and have a large number of followers that they could influence. The amount of this commercial agreement may depend on the type of sponsorship and the cachet of the person who is going to advertise it.

Income per link and referral code with TikTok Bonus

As we will see in more detail below, the TikTok Bonus option is an additional form of financing with which you can obtain additional benefits to the other forms of payment on this platform.

This option is the conventional form of referral links and personal codes used by many platforms, whether they are social networks or not. Its operation is simple, a user shares his personal code and sends it to social network groups, blog posts, Instagram stories, etc.

With this, the user who sends his code gets new users to create an account on TikTok and in return obtains a series of benefits. The income received by this method is quite unstable and depends on your ability to reach potential users.

Promote new songs

This is a way of  making money with TikTok  very similar to that of collaborations with brands. The key to the success of this social network is largely in the way you can play with music in your videos, in fact, TikTok has catapulted previously unknown songs to fame.

The way to get money with the promotion of songs is to create agreements with discographies or artists, when they want to promote a new song they will use tiktokers to create content that goes viral. It’s a perfect way to advertise that new music.

The discographies usually pay very well, so don’t miss out on that opportunity. It’s a bit tricky to get contacted by a record company, but it’s not that unusual for an artist to reach out to social media content creators to promote their new music. The content creators they pay most attention to are dance and humor.

What is TikTok Bonus and how does it work?

TikTok Bonus is an option of this social network to be able to earn money by inviting friends, the money is received when these friends register on TikTok with your link. The operation of TikTok Bonus is very simple, all you have to do is share a user’s code provided by the application itself.

In order to earn money with this function , users have to share that referral code and have the other user to whom they have shared it register in the application by completing all the registration steps. It is essential that the other user install the application on his terminal.

There are a series of  requirements to access TikTok Bonus,  such as that the person with whom you have shared the link or the referral code registers for the first time, it is not valid if the person enters with an account that had already been created previously. . Another essential requirement is that the user downloads the TikTok app for the first time.

The option to maximize the benefits with TikTok Bonus has been implemented in the latest updates of the application and is available in any country. To be able to access this function, you just have to go to the “Options” section that you will find in the upper left part with an icon of some golden coins.

If you click on that icon you will be able to see your balance with the amount of money you have obtained thanks to TikTok Bonus, you will also be able to find the link that you will have to share in order to generate benefits with TikTok Bonus.

Is it possible to earn money with TikTok Bonus? 2022

The answer to the question is yes, you can earn money with TikTok Bonus although the profit margin is somewhat small. This can be very useful for large content creators with the ability to influence many people, but it can be tricky for small creators.

For example, a tiktoker with millions of followers on other platforms can encourage their fans to move to TikTok with their referral link and earn money from it. A small creator can place his link in WhatsApp groups, Instagram stories, create a blog post and include it, etc. The ability of this little creator to get people to join with his link is very low.

The professional tiktoker is going to get much more benefits than the small creator , for the latter it is not so profitable because maybe he will get a couple of people to join with his referral link.

Steps To Earn Money With TikTok Bonus 2022

Earning an additional amount of money with TikTok Bonus is relatively simple, to achieve it you just have to follow the following steps:

First, open the TikTok application and enter with your username and password as you always do, then you will have to go to your feed on the main page and select the TikTok Bonus icon that appears in the upper left. In order to obtain the link that you will have to share, you have to select the “Invite” section, there you will see a code and it will leave you the option to copy that code to your clipboard or share it on another social network.

The person to whom you have shared the link will have to create an account as a new user and install the application for this process to be valid.

Regarding the  benefits of TikTok Bonus , when a person registers with your link or referral code you will get €1. Looking at it as a whole, you have to get many people to create an account on TikTok if they don’t already have one, something that is going to be very difficult for small creators.

You can also earn points for user activity after the first registration. For example, if the user uses the application on the first day, you will get 50,000 points, and depending on the time of use, you can earn additional points. If the user watches videos during the first 3 days you will receive an additional 30,000 points, and if he watches them during the first 5 days, 100,000 points. If the new user uses the app for more than a week you can get 220,000 points.

You will be able to exchange all these points for money in the option to extract the Tiktok balance. The points that you have obtained can be exchanged in Paypal or a bank account, as well as the money that you obtain through other means of financing this social network: pay per view, sponsorships and collaborations with brands, payment of subscribers for live broadcasts , etc.

Keep in mind that this function does not offer a fixed monthly income, you will have to get new users to join the platform continuously if you want to maintain certain benefits with TikTok Bonus.

How to Earn More Money With TikTok 2022

Sometimes it is very frustrating not to obtain the expected benefits, even more so when your income depends on the views, likes and subscriptions of other people. Although there are a series of tips that you can follow to  boost the income of TikTok :

The profile must be as attractive as possible, it will be your cover letter for users who see one of your videos for the first time. If they liked it, it is likely that they will enter your profile and if they like it, they will see more videos and may even subscribe.

The description is very important when it comes to making a profile more attractive, it is essential that the tiktoker who enters knows the theme of that profile in no time. For example, you can place emojis related to themes such as gaming (a computer, a video game, etc.), humor (a mask, a laughing emoticon, etc.)…

It is recommended that you be constant in the content you upload on TikTok , nobody wants to follow an account that publishes once a month and hopefully. The more original content you upload and with a certain periodicity, the more benefits you will obtain.

A very common way to get more views, and consequently more revenue per view, is to follow the new trends in filters and songs. TikTok knows the most used songs and filters of the moment and will position that content in the most visible areas because it considers that these videos are relevant to a large number of users.

Following these trends can be essential to power a video and get thousands of views, although it is difficult to get all your videos to get that many views.

One last tip is to bet on collaborations with other tiktokers, they don’t have to be important or even your theme. The important thing is to gain visibility and attract new potential followers.

For example, if you are a recipe tiktoker you can collaborate with nutritionists, athletes, restaurant accounts, fitness, recipe accounts from other countries, etc. They do not have to be of the same theme, but they do have to have a certain relationship so that the public that sees your videos is of a certain quality and has the possibility of subscribing to your profile.