How to change your voice on discord

How to change your voice on discord.With the help of built-in features – no way. You will have to use third party software. It is present in abundance for the Windows operating system. We will analyze the best solutions, as well as suggest ways to use them.


  • detailed information
    • MorphVOX Pro
    • Voxal Voice Changer
    • Clownfish
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How to change your voice on discord;Proven Method

detailed information

As we said earlier, there is no function directly in Discord that is needed in this case. But no one forbids users to configure third-party programs for these purposes. As an example, we have identified three successful solutions, which will be discussed further.

MorphVOX Pro

Probably the most popular and cool voice changer software. There is almost everything that a novice mystifier needs. The utility has a set of ready-made voices, including an infernal demon, an alien and a child.

It is also possible to simulate any environment. For example, city traffic during rush hour or subway. There is an option for point adjustment of sound effects and a very advanced graphic equalizer.

The user can use ready-made voice templates or create their own unique voice. The utility works well with almost all programs designed for voice communication.

However, you will have to pay for MorphVOX Pro. Otherwise, it can only be used for a limited time. The utility is easy to set up, although there is no Russian language. There is also no ad content.


  • A huge number of settings;
  • There are already ready-made voice templates;
  • Ability to add environmental sounds;
  • There is a graphic equalizer;
  • There is an option to fine-tune sound effects;
  • The program is compatible with all voice messengers.


  • The product is paid, but there is the possibility of free use;
  • There is no Russian language.

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Voxal Voice Changer

A small free utility that allows users to quickly and efficiently change their voice. The whole process takes place in real time. The program has a rather primitive, but understandable interface that even beginners can handle.

In the left column of the main window are ready-made effects that can change your voice beyond recognition. Of course, there is the possibility of manual configuration, but you won’t be able to create anything like this yourself. It is better to use ready-made options.

Among the templates, there are gems such as radio commentator, DJ, demon, alien and so on. Also in the application, you can add environmental sounds and an effect that matches the room (for example, a concert hall).

The product does not have a Russian language. But it is not needed, since the interface is extremely simple. The program is completely devoid of advertising and can work well with almost all voice messengers. And this is exactly what is most important.


  • Extremely simple (and even primitive) interface;
  • Huge selection of ready-made voices;
  • You can overlay ambient noise;
  • Adjustment of effects taking into account the chosen environment;
  • Manual setting option;
  • Integration with almost all messengers;
  • Product absolutely free.


Clownfish for Discord is considered one of the best voice changer apps. The key feature of this utility is that the developers specifically dealt with the problem of the compatibility of the virtual microphone with this messenger.

The application also includes an automatic translator, which will facilitate communication with players from other countries. Voice change happens in real time. The user has access to a huge number of ready-made templates.

It is also possible to add background sound (environment) and additional effects. At the same time, the interface is very simple, since the program runs in the tray and does not have a full-fledged graphical UI.

The application is completely free and boasts the presence of the Russian language. That is why it is considered the best online voice changer product. You can download the program on the official website of the developer for free.


  • Full integration with Discord;
  • Constant work in the tray;
  • There is a built-in translator;
  • There are a huge number of ready-made voices and effects;
  • You can add background noise;
  • There is no advertising;
  • The product is completely free;
  • The program is easy to use.


  • It was not noticed.

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In this article, we tried to find the best program for changing voice in Discord. It turned out to be a small free utility called Clownfish. It is feature rich and works great with Discord.

The second place is expectedly occupied by the powerful combine MorphVOX Pro. However, it is devoid of the Russian language and is quite expensive. However, it is one of the best voice changer software. However, only you can choose the most suitable product.