How to drink more water?

How to drink more water? In principle, the answer to this question is simple. Just “get started”! Unfortunately, if I wasn’t rather bad at these blocks myself, I would believe that such advice can do something. I myself have problems with drinking the right amount of water, so this post is really vital. I am following my advice to drink more. There are at least a few of them, because … I am an extremely difficult case …

How to drink more water?

Always have water in several places and preferably in view.

Pour water into a bottle and always have it with you , whether you are at home or at work. Maybe it’s worth having a few places where you can put water bottles? This will make you remember it more often. Many of the people I consult do just that, and I try to do the same. A small bottle in your purse, a bottle at your desk, a glass before bed (although this may not be for everyone – some need to use the restroom at night if they drink too much in the evening).

Use the  app

Download apps on your phone, preferably one where you can set reminders. When you turn on reminders, apps make different sounds to remind you to drink water. From my own experience, I know that I “get immune” to notifications from a specific application after some time. Then I switch to another one. I have two permanently installed on my phone. Otherwise it won’t work for me

Drink a glass of water in the morning after waking up

We are usually much thirstier after the night, so a large glass of water drunk in the morning replenishes some of the fluids that we have lost through breathing and sweating. Make it a habit to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach when you wake up. And immediately part of the pot to drink is ticked 🙂 For me it works great. I drink 400 ml of water and I have the feeling of “first success” during the day. Well, maybe even making the bed is it. In any case, I recommend a large glass of water in the morning.

I put them on the kitchen counter along with inzotitol (a powdered supplement I take for PCOS) and immediately check off 2 things at once

Mark on the bottle how much water you have to drink by a specific  hour

On the water bottles, you can mark the level to which you want to drink water by a specific hour, for example by 11:00. We mark the first line, thanks to which we can clearly see that we should drink 1 liter of water by the specified hour. The dash and time mobilize us to “make it” within the time limit . The next dash can be marked, for example, at 17:00 and then we should have drunk another liter of water. If you are a beginner and you really haven’t drank water at all so far, you can mark your limits in a completely different way. So that they suit you. Even 1 more glass of water makes a difference.

Enjoy the water – a must!

During the dietary consultations that I conduct, many people complain that they do not like the taste of plain water. It’s hard for me to advise something sensible here, because if we don’t like it, then we just have to somehow force ourselves to like it.

I know I sound cruel now, but I think the argument that you don’t like water is really a very poor excuse not to hydrate your body. Humans are about 70% water! We need water to live, so that metabolic changes take place properly. It’s like saying “I don’t like water” and trying to do laundry without it. This cannot be done! Make your water taste better. Mint, basil, the addition of fruit or even fresh cucumber will work . You can also dilute the water with fruit infusions.

I do not recommend adding syrups, sugar, honey and other sweeteners to the water then. Why provide calories and stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin between meals? No sense!

Kaizen, or tiny steps to build a habit

Don’t start with a thick pipe. If you’ve managed to drink only one or two glasses of water a day so far, don’t throw yourself in the sun. Start with small steps. tiny. Sometimes it’s better to start with literally 50 to 100 ml more water a day and gradually add another 50 or 100 ml until you reach the right amount of water than to try to drink 2 liters right from the start. Most often, you doom yourself to failure, because this habit can be really difficult to implement. Especially that the drastically increased amount of water you drink at the beginning is burdensome, because you simply need to go to the toilet a lot.

I know something about this! I have a problem with this myself and when I tried to drink 2 liters of water a day, I always failed! Now I’m down to a minimum of 1.2L and most days up to 1.8L and I’m very proud of myself!

Drink water before  meals

Another great way to drink more water is to make sure you drink at least half a glass of water before each meal. If you drink half a glass to one glass of water before a meal, let’s say you eat 4 of them, then you already have a minimum of two to four glasses of water easily included in your daily schedule. What’s more, if you want to lose weight, for example, there are even studies that show that drinking water before a meal can reduce hunger and thus cause you to eat fewer calories. Seriously! It ‘s worth it  🙂

Also remember about developing good water drinking habits in children  and  choosing valuable water to drink.


Not drinking water is not the best habit and it is really worth changing it. The fact that you are not drinking enough water now does not mean that this habit cannot be rebuilt. Implement new solutions, test, it’s a trial and error method. If you have already built this habit, share in the comment what worked best for you