How to Fix “Number of Sectors Reassigned”

For a hard drive to have a number of reallocated sectors throughout its useful life is quite normal. Despite the fact that it is a very common problem, it is important to give it all the importance it deserves. That is why today in The Power of the Green Android we are going to see what this problem is about and how to repair the number of reassigned sectors .

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What Does “Number Of Reallocated Sectors” Mean?

Let’s start with the first thing, the meaning of reallocated sectors . When a hard drive notifies you that it has reallocated sectors, it means that it has bad sectors . This implies that you are going to have a part of the hard drive that will not allow any read or write request under any circumstances. Basically these damages can be caused by software errors or physical damage. In the event that a hard drive has fallen on the floor, dust has entered it and damaged it, or for any other physical reason, the repair is more complicated. However, when it is a software problem it is possible to repair number of reallocated sectors.

How many reallocated sectors does a hard drive have?

There is no maximum number of reallocated sectors that a hard drive can have . Depending on the type of problem and the magnitude of it, it is possible that it has more or less reallocated sectors. However, when you first notice this problem, you should pay more attention to your hard drive, as your data may be in danger. This is because it is possible that over time more sectors will continue to be damaged and that the hard drive will eventually end up completely ruining it. From here we recommend that you change your hard drive as soon as possible to avoid compromising data on a piece of hardware that is compromised.

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How to Fix Reallocated Sectors on Hard Drive? 2022

When the problem is software, it is possible to correct the reassigned sectors of the hard drive in order to return them to their good state. Tools like Crystal Disk can help you correct this type of problem and also allow you to get an idea of ​​the magnitude of the problem. Knowing the number of reallocated sectors with Crystal Disk info will give you time to act and correct the problem if it is still possible.

Descargar Crystal Disk Info Gratis 2022

Fortunately Crystal Disk Info is a tool designed to take care of the health of your hard drive and you can download it completely free through this link:


This application will help you to detect different problems that you may have on the surface of the hard drive and will help you to take the necessary measures in time so that you do not lose your data completely.

Crystal Disk Info Tells Me That My Hard Drive Is At Risk, How Do I Fix It?

If Crystal Disk Info tells you that your hard drive is at risk , the first thing you should do is create a backup copy on another hard drive or in a cloud with all the data you don’t want to lose. In this way, in the worst case, you will have access to your data again and you will never have lost it.

Likewise, Crystal Disk Info number of reallocated sectors allows you to try to repair those bad sectors. Never forget to make a backup and if the problem is impossible to solve, change your hard drive as soon as possible so that it does not fail you in the most unpredictable way. If you found this article useful, it would help me a lot if you share it with your friends and family through your social networks, thank you very much for your support!