How to get better self-confidence?

How to get better self-confidence? There is not just one simple answer to this that can give you better self-confidence in a heartbeat. Self-confidence is defined as a person’s belief in their own personal abilities to perform . This confidence can be trained with the help of exercises and changing the thought pattern, so that you can gain better self-confidence over time.

Many suffer from low self-esteem, which can be experienced as a major obstacle in everyday life. It is important to find a good balance and build self-confidence that is healthy. When someone has too much self-confidence, this can also have unfortunate outcomes.

Trick the brain into better self-esteem

To gain better self-esteem, it is possible to trick your brain into thinking you have better self-esteem than you actually have. By doing it over time, it will eventually become a regular part of how you think. In the long run, you will then achieve good self-confidence. It is possible to trick the brain into better self-confidence with how you think, while body language will have an impact on how you feel.

By having the right mindset, you can build self-confidence over time . This is an internal factor that affects self-confidence and which you can control yourself. It’s as they say: Everything is in the head. This also applies to self-esteem. As you can read about below, there are several ways you can build your confidence through your mindset. It is important to focus on what is positive and take positive experiences with you to several parts of your life.

Body language will be an external factor that affects self-confidence. In addition, self-confidence will be affected by other external factors such as, for example, that you are well prepared for a task by having all the things you need to perform it in the best possible way. These are external factors that you can control yourself.

In contrast, there are also external factors that you have no way of controlling. This would be, for example, how other people behave or what feedback you receive from others. Self-confidence can be built up to a considerable extent by receiving good feedback from others. But this is not always something that can be achieved. What you do have the opportunity to do, however, is choose how you let feedback affect you.

Read on to find out how you can improve your self-confidence and what exercises you should do to achieve this.


How to get better self-confidence?

There are various exercises you can do to improve your self-confidence. Because everyone is different, it’s important to find a method that works for you. Here are five concrete methods and exercises for how you can improve your self-confidence:

Visualize yourself succeeding at the task or scenario you are facing
This is mental training that most athletes perform. Skiers, for example, imagine that they are the first to cross the finish line. You can also do this. Visualize yourself succeeding so you start thinking like a winner. You kind of trick your brain into thinking it’s going to be okay before you’ve even been in the situation.

Set realistic goals
It’s a good idea to take baby steps when starting to improve your self-esteem. When you set yourself a goal, it may also be a good idea to set interim goals along the way. When you reach a goal that is small, you will gain a sense of mastery, and thus better self-confidence, because you will have better faith in your own abilities. At the same time, too many challenges can be destructive to self-confidence.

Always be ahead of unpleasant situations
Prepare your brain for the worst that can happen, so that you find solutions for the situation, question or challenges in advance. In this way, you cope better with the situation or challenge when it arises because you are better prepared. You have thought through all possible outcomes, so that you know what to do or say should it happen.

Think about your posture Posture
has a lot to say about how you feel. At the same time, it sends out signals to others you associate with. To increase your level of self-confidence through posture, you should stand firmly with your legs firmly planted on the ground. You should also open up your upper body, meaning that you have your arms straight down or relaxed folded on your back or in your lap.

Choose to listen to the positive voice in your head
. You may recognize two voices in your head talking against each other. One says: “you can’t do this”, while the other tries to convince you that “it’s going to be fine”. You choose which voice to make room for. If you give more power to the positive voice, this will help you cope better with the situation.

Get extra help on the road

When working on building self-confidence, it will be a good help along the way to have someone to talk to . Not only will it be good for you to get out the frustration you’re stuck with, but it can also be nice to get good input that can help you cope with everyday challenges better.

At the same time, it will also feel good to share experiences with someone who has expertise in the area and who can offer expert advice. The therapists at Therapievakt can help you find out how you can gain better self-confidence . By talking together and by doing exercises yourself, you can experience progress and in the long run build up a healthy self-confidence that will improve your life.