How to get rid of social anxiety

It is entirely possible to get rid of social anxiety . Many people around the world overcome this affliction every single day. But how to get rid of social anxiety? People achieve this either through treatment with medication or something called cognitive talk therapy . The aim of all treatment is to master the situations that trigger the social anxiety disorder. It is possible that you too can manage this mastery, no matter how difficult you feel the situation is right now and no matter what the cause of your suffering is .

You should start treatment for social anxiety early. By doing so, the process will be shorter and easier, and you will feel that everyday life will be easier to cope with. At the same time, you should know that social anxiety disorders are not treated overnight. It is therefore important to be patient and trust the process. Read on to learn more about  which treatment methods work  best for social anxiety.

Cognitive talk therapy

This is the form of treatment which, in a long-term perspective, has shown the best results . During such treatment, you will work on changing the thought pattern . You are made aware of all self-destructive and anxiety-inducing mindsets, which you then work to change through conversation with a therapist and tasks you must carry out between each class.

Through a conversation with a therapist, attention is directed to all physical ailments that arise during a situation you find uncomfortable. In the first instance, it is thus about raising awareness of one’s problems and finding alternative explanations for why the symptoms occur. By doing so, one can begin to change the negative thoughts one has about one’s ailments.

For example, it may happen that you fear something that is actually very unrealistic. The therapist will then try to help you find new ways of thinking and rationalize your thoughts together with you. In this way, you will also help change your own thinking pattern.

Another part of cognitive talk therapy as a treatment method is to expose yourself to situations you fear. By exposing yourself to what you find unpleasant, you get the opportunity to make them harmless. As a rule, it is an irrational fear because it is not in itself a dangerous situation. With knowledge of this and good preparation before the situation arises, you will be able to cope with the discomfort much better.

It is the combination of talk therapy and behavioral training that makes so many successful with this form of treatment. You first address the problem and then actively do something about it. Cognitive talk therapy also works preventively.

If, after treatment, you experience discomfort in other social situations, you can use the same tools and methods you used together with a therapist. This then acts as help for self-help.


No long-term solution with medication for social anxiety

There is also an option to use medical treatment for social anxiety. But very often the medical treatment of social anxiety is linked to various side effects or negative effects in the long term. There are different types of medication you can use, which have different effects and different areas of use. You should read up on medication for social anxiety before choosing to use this method.

Medicines for social anxiety will have a greater effect when used over longer periods of time . This means that you will in a way become dependent on the medicines because you will feel that you need them to function as a social being. Addiction is never a lucky situation to be in. Therefore, you should ideally only use medication in crisis situations or over short periods in combination with psychotherapy. These are forms of treatment mentioned above, or other methods such as exposure therapy and gestalt therapy.

Many of the medications used to get rid of social anxiety have an addictive effect, which is very bad for your overall health, both mentally and physically. Addiction is also due to the fact that you can easily experience a relapse when you stop using the medication. This will therefore never be a long-term solution in contrast to psychotherapeutic forms of treatment.

At the same time, many of the medicines have a sedating effect. You will therefore never be completely yourself when using medication to get rid of social anxiety. Many medications for the treatment of social anxiety can cause you to lose your zest for life.

It is important to find a treatment that works in the long term

There is therefore a bit to think about before you find out how to get rid of social anxiety with psychotherapy or medical treatment. If desired, it is also possible to combine these two methods. It is important to find a treatment method that works in the long term. Choose a treatment that really addresses and treats the problem, not just camouflage it with the use of drugs.

Cognitive behavioral therapy will be a solution that lasts because you change your thinking pattern and practice coping with unpleasant situations. It can either take place through group therapy or in private conversations with a therapist. It is also possible to sign up for courses that are about treating a specific part of your social anxiety, for example mastering giving a lecture to a group of people.

No matter which treatment method you wish to use, you will always find an offer that suits you. By treating such ailments as early as possible, you can save yourself a lot of worry and discomfort.