How to have a Keychain MiniGamePad

Normally I spend a lot of time away from home and wherever I go I usually use my Samsung Galaxy as a PC since the Samsung Dex technology allows me to connect my Smartphone to a TV via an HDMI key. I use this technique to a large extent for when I spend the nights away from home to be able to play my favorite Android emulators with a controller, the only problem is that it is quite large and carrying it in the suitcase is cumbersome. That is why the other day I bought the 8BitDo Zeo 2 controller which allows me to have a fully functional bluetooth keychain minigamepad , let’s see how it works!

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What is 8BitDo Zero 2 and what is it for?

8BitDo Zero 2 is the revision of 8BitDo Zero 1 which is a mini Bluetooth gamepad for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch and PC . This command is characterized by being able to be used as a key ring and being fully functional as we will see below.

How to Configure Mini GamePad Bluetooth Android 8 BitDo Zero 2 2022

The process is the same that we would follow to pair any control on Android . Basically, the first thing we have to do is lower the notification panel and activate Bluetooth.

In turn we must do the following in our mini Bluetooth remote:

  1. Press the “Select” and “Start” buttons .
  2. We will see that the led light blinks .

We go to our mobile device and do the following:

  1. We notice that the «Pro Controller» device appears .
  2. We click on “Done” .

And that’s it, we can now enjoy our favorite games with this mini Bluetooth gamepad on Android .

How to Buy 8BitDo Zero 2 On Amazon 2022?

Next I will leave you some direct banners to Amazon where you can buy this mini keychain gamepad for Android .

# Preview Product
1 8Bitdo Zero 2 Bluetooth Gamepad for Switch, PC, Macos, Android (Yellow Edition) (Nintendo Switch//)… Buy on Amazon at the Best Price
2 8Bitdo Zero2 – Pink Edition – Not Machine Specific [Italian Import] Buy on Amazon at the Best Price
3 8Bitdo Zero 2 Bluetooth Gamepad for Switch, PC, Macos, Android (Turquoise Edition) (Nintendo… Buy on Amazon at the Best Price
4 8Bitdo Zero 2 Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad for Nintendo Switch/Windows/Android/macOS/Raspberry Pi… Buy on Amazon at the Best Price
5 8Bitdo – Mando Wireless Switch Lite Amarillo (Nintendo Switch) Buy on Amazon at the Best Price

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