How to help improve a child’s memory?

Giving preschoolers the opportunity to increase their memory skills paves the way for future success. . The use of games to increase memory skills in children helps them to have better results and to reduce the probability of school failure.

Therefore, it is essential that parents include memory-based games in their children’s regular games. The ideal is to start this type of game from 2 to 3 years of the little ones. If the memory is worked on in children, it can have a big impact even ten years later.


  • 1 Why is memory development important?
  • 2 How to help improve a child’s memory?
    • 1 by working memory
    • 2 through awareness
    • 3 Through active reading
  • 3 How do attention and memory contribute to the learning process?
  • 4 What daily activities help improve memory skills?

Why is memory development important?

We must start by saying that memory is a really key factor in all learning. Because it is he who is responsible for keeping all the information that comes. Information that is useful throughout life. That’s why, Its development is important because it has the opportunity to store everything that we get from childhood. So we can say that he is the one who is responsible for keeping our experiences and these are really important to create memories, sensations and also the people with whom we share our lives. So, if it is helped to develop from an early age, we can stimulate it much more and maintain its proper functioning.

How to help improve a child’s memory?

through working memory

Working memory is a type of short-term memory. If you show a three-year-old a toy and then ask him to look around the room for it, he will use working memory to find it. This memory is very important to be able to follow the instructions in class , so that they understand some simple commands and use their imagination to carry out actions.

Children who work on working memory and play games at home to improve memory skills are the ones who will perform better in school later. Preschool role-playing games can also improve working memory because the child can remember what they are playing.

through consciousness

In addition, it is a good idea to work on mindfulness in children to help them concentrate and improve their working memory. For this, it is necessary to limit the time spent watching TV, the use of smartphones, tablets or playing video games. It is important that they do sports activities that they like and that motivate them. As well as playing visual memory games.

Through active reading

Do you remember how to emphasize everything you studied? Well, it’s another one of the memory skills that work when we take this step. Because we will remember what was in yellow or pink and blue. Well, the little ones can also play with it by reading, marking different words or situations. So that later when you ask them, they know what they read and can reproduce the story.

How do attention and memory contribute to the learning process?

Because there are two key points in it. Namely, The learning process requires attention to the information it gives us. . If we really participate, we will introduce all that information into our memory. He will then be in charge of keeping them. But in addition to that retention, you also need to understand it. Because in this way, connecting in both situations, we will achieve our purpose to remember it for the next time. Sometimes you have to work a lot on the attention of the little ones and therefore we have to be patient, but it can be achieved.

What daily activities help improve memory skills?

To improve memory skills, there are many activities that you can introduce into the day to day of your little ones. On the one hand, you can tell them stories of your life, shaping all those episodes to make them more fantastic and fit better . You already know that performing simple mathematical operations as well as writing and reading every day are also essential. But if we talk about the games again, nothing but puzzles will do and the well-known board games will be very basic but extremely important options.