How to improve breathing in children

We all breathe automatically, which means we don’t think about them the vast majority of the time, so we’re not aware of them. Breathing is an essential process for survival. , as we know. Improper breathing can lead to problems of fatigue, attention deficit, irritability or problems in oral expression and many others. We teach you how to improve breathing in children thanks to activities like the blowbox!

Language occurs in the phase of exhalation of air through the mouth. If there are no problems, we breathe and speak normally . But if there is a difficulty or situation that changes the breathing, problems can occur in the spoken language, as we mentioned earlier. Everything leads us to summarize that a good mastery of breathing is important not only for good health, but also for correcting some speech errors. In addition, good breathing helps to control stress and anxiety. But you may be wondering what you can do to improve your children’s breathing. Well, read on and we’ll tell you.


  • 1 What is the blow box?
  • 2 What strengthens siblings in children?
  • 3 How does breathing work in children
  • 4 How to do blow box exercises: The most fun activities
    • 1Seefebullen
    • 2 Inflating balloons
    • 3 Racing with a ping pong ball or cotton balls
    • 4 Blow, sip through a straw
    • 5 Blowing out candles is another perfect blowbox activity.
    • 6 Blow feathers and try to keep them in the air
    • 7 Hit a pinwheel
    • 8 Use instruments such as flutes, harmonicas, noisemakers or whistles

What is the blow box?

That said, it can lead to a lot of confusion, so it will be the first thing we prioritize. We call it the ‘puff box’ because it is a group of breathing activities . By putting these exercises or activities into practice at an early age, we will achieve that language acquisition is improved, while functional dysphonia is avoided and of course the breathing quality is improved in all those who practice it. Although it sounds a bit complicated, it is not at all. Because with simple and very nice activities we achieve great results.

What strengthens siblings in children?

It must be said that the simple gesture of blowing gives them a series of benefits without thinking about it. Because will exercise and strengthen the main muscles at the moment of speech as well as the cheek area. It must be said that the breath also makes the children pronounce each word much better. You certainly already know the bond with which language breathes . Because when we pronounce the words, we need diaphragmatic support and a push from the stomach to make the correct pronunciation. Something that needs to be practiced to improve function.

How does breathing work in children

Although we have already said that breathing is something automatic, we can work on breathing in children in a conscious way . This means that they can control it on certain occasions to try to bring relaxation to their body. Without forgetting that if you breathe properly, the body is oxygenated and we will feel much more relieved. So, the little ones in the house can also start learning something as simple as that. To introduce him to class activities, nothing but from their seats we will ask them to have a straight position in which they support their backs on the backs of the chairs.

Now it’s time for them to put their hands on the belly area. They are asked to take a deep breath through the nose and at the same time push out the stomach. . Then it is released into the air and emits a sound as if it were a snake. You will see how they become even more interested in an activity like this. As you release the air, the stomach also becomes empty and deflated. This will give us more control over the body, as long as we put it into practice.

How to do blow box exercises: The most fun activities

The marble box is a fun activity carried out by many teachers and speech therapists to teach children to modulate their breathing in a simple and fun way. But you can also do it yourself at home with your children. To do this activity you only need a box in which you can contain various objects related to breathing. Here are some ideas:


Invite your children to make bubbles of different sizes, release them, keep them, explode them or play tennis with them. You already know that you can get some nice bubbles with water and liquid soap or detergent. In fact, there are a series of gadgets that they sell as ‘Pomperos’ and logically they are destined to help us in this task.

Inflate balloons

It is another of the basic and necessary activities in equal parts. Because whether it’s for fun or to decorate a birthday party, blowing up balloons will also improve breathing. the lungs are strengthened and with them also the muscles that are part of the breathing process.

Racing with a ping pong ball or cotton balls

Sometimes it is not only blowing air through the mouth, but also holding or putting the mouth in the right way helps much more than we think. Is an ideal way to practice when you have to pronounce certain letters.

Blow, sip through a straw

Water in a glass and let your child experiment with blowing bubbles or sipping the liquid . They’ve certainly done it a few times before and we made them cry because they played. Well, this game also has its advantages. Firstly because it is again a way to modulate breathing, but secondly it will be the most fun for them when they see the bubbles in the water.

Blowing out candles is another perfect blowbox activity.

You can blow hard to blow out the candle, soft to prevent it from blowing out, blow several candles at once , put them out through a straw. Since you are practicing at home with your children, you can always adjust the game to your liking. Make it a kind of challenge that they have to overcome with flying colours.

Blow feathers and try to keep them in the air

Imagine how much fun they will have if they have to get some feathers, or something similar, to stay in the air longer. We know that only with a burst will the challenge be achieved. So suggest the game because it will surely take longer than you imagine. They never get tired!

Hitting a pinwheel

Windmills have always caught our attention. With their blades in every terrible air they were already moving. Well, there is another way to improve breathing in children through an activity that we know. If you don’t have a sanding machine at home, you can always make it with paper and cardboard.

Use instruments such as flutes, harmonicas, noisemakers or whistles

Also, the idea could introduce a series of instruments to the games, from the percussion box. Because without a doubt they are also the great base we have to improve the children’s breathing and increase their level of fun. While some like to blow into whistles or noisemakers, others are called more flute players.

As you can see, the possibilities are as many as your children and you can imagine. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the puff box session should be a fun time . Therefore, children should not be forced when they do not feel like it and stop when they get tired, because the breathing exercises can be exhausting.