How to increase engagement with your followers on Instagram

If your business has an Instagram account and it has increased its number of followers significantly in the last few months, congratulations! However, it is not the only factor that the algorithm of the social network takes into account when giving visibility to the contents . The level of engagement or commitment to the publications of a profile is also important.

That interest of the audience is measured by actions such as giving a like, commenting, saving a publication or visiting the profile of an account . The higher the level of engagement (social media metrics platforms measure it in percentages), the greater the visibility of an account.

And here is another challenge: the more followers an account has, the more difficult it becomes to maintain the intensity of the interactions . As the specialized consultancy Locowise recently revealed: “the worst thing is that the trend of interaction on Instagram is declining” .

Should we then abandon this platform? No way! It is still a powerful network to position a brand and generate audiences; Furthermore, it is constantly being updated with new visual tools. What we have to do is focus on simple but effective actions: those that allow us to improve the conversation with our followers and make them more interested in what we communicate . Today we want to tell you what they are.

#1. post regularly

Although it is ideal, if you do not have the necessary resources, you do not need to do it daily. It is better to focus on quality content to establish fixed days and times of publication . As in a personal relationship, in which we wait for someone to call or visit every so often, this will create expectation among the followers of your account.

#two. Includes pictures of people

The phrases, the infographics, the illustrations, everything can work if it connects with the interests of your target audience . But never forget that people participate in social networks, so a photograph of the owners of the company, employees or satisfied customers will always attract more attention. Of course, it is not about posting images of a gourmet breakfast or your last vacation in a dream place, but about situations that connect with the hearts of your followers .

#3. Talk to your audience

Don’t expect others to do everything. Your account must show interest in what other people or brands do, this through your likes and comments . It is recommended that you implement this with your followers, to show appreciation and strengthen the relationship. Also with accounts of potential clients so that they visit your profile and thus know what you do and begin to follow you. According to Neil Patel, one of the most renowned digital marketing gurus, for every 100 likes on other users’ photos, he can get 21 likes back and up to six new followers.

#4. Be direct

We have already repeated it many times in this blog: social networks are not used to sell, but to increase the communication capacity of brands . But that does not mean that to generate an audience you do not have to invite your followers to perform specific actions, such as visiting your website, subscribing to a newsletter or participating in a raffle. When you have the right message, say it directly! People don’t like timid brands.

#5. Turn your followers into ambassadors of your brand

Did you know that your most fanatical followers can be a source of very valuable content? Think about campaigns where they can share their own photos and videos that represent your brand. For example, consuming your products or services or alluding to a value or a color connected to the current campaign . People love being part of the attention on a brand and even more when you incentivize them with some reward, such as a prize, discount or free membership