How to know if someone changed their WhatsApp number

How to know if someone changed their WhatsApp number to add it again? , this is one of the questions that many users usually ask themselves and it is not the first time that you want to contact an old acquaintance in this app to chat and you realize that when you start a private chat you can see at the top The following message appears on the screen : «Change your phone number, touch to send a message or add a new number» . This is an unequivocal symptom that said person changed their number and it is the same WhatsApp application that gives us the option to add it again, but the question is obvious… how is it done? Don’t worry in The Power of the Green AndroidWe explain how to add someone to WhatsApp if they changed their number EASY and QUICK .

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What happens if I change my phone number in WhatsApp?

Well, nothing happens since in “Settings” we have an option that allows us to notify the number change in WhatsApp , in this way every time a contact accesses our chat, they will see a screen like the following:

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How to know if someone changed their WhatsApp number and add it back

Well, if you have entered a friend’s chat and you have seen that they have the following message “change their phone number, touch to send a message or add a new number” , now you know that you are not blocked , simply this user changed their number and WhatsApp gives us the opportunity to add it back . To do so, we just have to click on the message above , as in the photo below.

Then we will see a window that gives us the following options:

  • Add to contacts.
  • Cancel.
  • Message.

To add someone to WhatsApp we must click on the “Add to Contacts” option as in the photo.

Update Contacts On WhatsApp

Well now you will only have to update WhatsApp contacts (👈more information here), for this you will have to go to the “Chats” tab and click on the green icon at the bottom right .

This is where we must hit the 3 vertical points on the right and in the menu that appears we click on “Update” .

And ready in this simple way we will know if a contact changed their phone number in WhatsApp and we can add it again. If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment. Don’t forget to share , please, that allows me to continue making more tutorials to help other people.