How to Play PACMAN Google Doodle

If you’re a fan of Pacman , I’m sure you adore Pacman games and you may not know him but this Namco title blew up the arcades of the 80’s . Luckily, thanks to technology we can now rediscover it and play again on mobile for free . However, today in The Power of the Green Android we are going to take a step further and we are going to show you how to play Google Doodle Pacman , an initiative promoted by Google that allows us to pay homage to the mythical coconut-eating game for its 30th anniversary , without a doubt some of those curious things to search for in Google.

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What is PACMAN From Google Doodle?

It is a tribute from Google for the 30th anniversary of this great game of Pacifiers , thanks to this we can play Pacman from the browser on our smartphone or from our PC all through the Doodle 👈 enter here if you don’t know what What is it.

How to Play PACMAN Google Doodle 2022

The first thing we should do to play Google’s PacMan doodle would be to open our Android or PC browser. Once opened, all we have to do is type the following in the search engine:

  • Google Pacman Doodle.

We must enter the first result.

A black screen will open with the basic control to play Pacman from the Google doodle , basically what we have to do is slide our finger across the screen in the direction we want to move the Pacifier .

Play Google Pacifier On PC 2022

In the same way you can follow the same steps to play Namco’s Pacifier on your PC , you just have to follow the instructions in the following video.

Google Pacman Doodle Link

If this tutorial seems somewhat cumbersome you can directly access the game through this link .

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