How to remove WhatsApp notifications from the Home Screen

In the XXI century and immersed in full globalization we have never been more united and paradoxically more separated. In an instant we can know what has happened on the other side of the world just by taking a look at Twitter . If you stop to think about it, it’s a bit scary and it’s that we constantly receive barrages of news and it’s that we already saw a few weeks ago how to disable notifications from web pages on mobile phones  , and it’s that you don’t have to be an expert in data protection to know that there are quite intrusive websites. As I know that many of you are lovers of your privacy , today we are going to see a very simple tutorial to learn how toremove whatsapp notifications from home screen

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How to Remove WhatsApp Notifications From the Home Screen 2022

This post may seem brief and very simple to you, but believe me, even today there are people who do not know how to create a Gmail account (My Brother). And it is that there are a multitude of users who live tormented every day by the large number of messages they receive by WhatsApp… and they do not know  How to Remove WhatsApp Notifications From the Home Screen !

First Step to Remove WhatsApp Notifications

The first thing we will have to do to deactivate WhatsApp pop-up notifications is go to “Settings”. Once inside we look for the section that says “Downloaded Applications” or similar.

Once inside and how could it be otherwise, we will press “WhatsApp”.

Second Step To Remove WhatsApp Notifications With The Lock Screen

Once inside we select the section where it says “Badges, Floating Notifications” .

Once inside, to  Remove WhatsApp Notifications With The Lock Screen  we just have to deactivate “Show Notifications” .

And voila, you will no longer receive  WhatsApp notifications from the home screen . If you have any questions you can always consult the official WhatsApp forum .