How to teach your child to change habits

Children are like swimming pools and helping them adopt good habits from an early age will help them develop and be much happier. The faster they adopt it, the easier it is to implement it and make it automatic. Let’s give some tips on how to teach your child to change habits and we will also look at what are the best habits for them.


  • 1 Better habits for children
  • 2 How to teach your child to change habits

Better habits for children

  • Aseo . Good grooming habits go far beyond taking a daily bath. When they are at the right age, we need to teach them to brush their teeth daily as part of your routine to prevent cavities and dental problems. That they become clean and with a good appearance, wash their hands before eating, wash their face when they wake up, comb their hair… are other essential hygiene habits for a person.
  • Eating and sleeping routines . Children need routines to feel confident. They need to have eating and sleeping routines where they have schedules that need to be met. Jumping into the holidays is one thing, but the rest of the year’s routines must be respected by children and parents. Restful sleep helps your brain develop and helps you be more rested and less irritated. If you need to know how long they need to sleep after their age, we give you this article.
  • Order and organization . Children must participate in the order and organization of the house, especially its belongings. This way they learn the value of taking responsibility for their belongings. Depending on their age, we can give them a certain responsibility at home so that they get these habits.
  • good manners . Manners is something you learn at home and not at school. That he behaves well outside the house, that he knows how to react to different situations, that he has values… it helps him to know how he relates to his environment and how he is in public. They are still children, but if we give them the tools, life together will be much better for everyone.

How to teach your child to change habits

  • Do not yell or punish him. Punishment and yelling are not a good habit-changing technique. On the contrary, the child does not know what he is doing wrong and gets frustrated. The weather will become more hostile and you will also be more irritated.
  • Give yourself another option . If he has a bad habit, help him find alternative habits that are good for him. Maybe this habit gives you some pleasure, so you should look for a healthier one so that he feels the same.
  • Respect your child’s time . Every child has a different development, so you have to respect their time. If they have bad habits related to their age (thumb sucking, nail biting…) blaming them or making them feel bad will only aggravate the bad habit. We have to explain why it is wrong and analyze what is the reason why they do it. It can be a sign of nervousness, anxiety… we look beyond that to help them. Consult with his doctor if you see something unusual or if he has a habit that is harmful to him.
  • Give an example . We can’t ask a child to be polite and not swear if we tell them all the time. Children mostly learn by imitation, so before we ask our child something, we should see if we correspond with that habit. If we want him to eat more vegetables and fruits, so should we.
  • Be patient . Your child may push your patience to the limit, it’s normal. You have to try to stay calm and have patience to change habits. Respect their process and give them space to change without pressuring them. Some children learn new habits faster than others, it just takes a little more time and patience.

Because remember… Habits can be changed for more suitable ones, you just have to be a good teacher and help them in the process.The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics . To report an error click here .