How to turn an internet address into a Downloader code

Amazon Firestick devices are selling like hot cakes. It is not only the attractive price that attracts the attention of users but also the opportunity to take advantage of the streaming content included for Prime Video service subscribers.

Firestick, however, is not all roses and flowers, on the contrary! The supplied remote control is really too limited and the absence of USB connections on the Firestick makes it very difficult to connect a mouse or keyboard.

In my many guides we have seen how to circumvent this limit using the appropriate applications (see Mouse Toggle and CetusPlay ) or with the various accessories to purchase in order to connect external devices. Thanks to Downloader, however, we can save time and money. Let’s see why.

A Downloader trick you may not know

Downloader allows Android TV (and Firestick) owners to easily download files from the Internet to their device. You can enter a URL that points directly to a file, or you can sideload the web browser plug-in to download files from websites. The browser plug-in supports remote controls and game controllers, so no mouse and keyboard. The browser plug-in can also be used for general web browsing with full screen mode, zoom and quick access to favorites/bookmarks.

Bookmarks allow you to easily save and open frequently visited URLs. Once the files are downloaded, you can use the app’s basic file manager to open them, install them if they’re APK applications, or delete them.

But there is another spectacular function that not everyone knows about and which allows you to save a lot of time installing external apps. Thanks to the AFTVnews URL Shortener function   it is possible to convert addresses into numerical codes. This will save you from typing the address with that awkward Firestick remote control. Let’s see better how to use this magnificent function.

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Before starting, if you haven’t already done so, install Downloader by following this guide .

How to turn an internet address into a Downloader code

  • Open your internet browser and visit this page.
  • Type or paste the address into the bottom bar.
  • Check the box of “ I’m not a robot” and then click on “ Shorten “.
  • On the next page you will be shown the results, i.e. the code and the complete address. For Downloader you just need to know the numerical code.
  • At this point, start Downloader and in the address bar, type the numeric code you just obtained and click on Go.
  • Done! Now, based on the type of address you have created, the automatic download of the file will start or you will be directed to the web page where it was uploaded.

With this fantastic method you can then easily install all the apps you need without having to waste time typing all the letters of the various internet addresses. Thanks Downloaders!