How to Unsubscribe DAZN

If you are here it is because you have already enjoyed the free trial month or simply because the Dazn Deportes en Directo service has not convinced you. The fact is that you want to know how to unsubscribe from Dazn and I will explain it to you in the simplest way possible.

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How to unsubscribe Dazn before the month is free

If you want to unsubscribe from Dazn before the trial month, you must make sure that you are within 30 days before you are charged for the following month . Knowing it is very easy, since the application gives us 31 days of free trial , being able to cancel the subscription the previous 30 days.

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I want to unsubscribe from Dazn

Ok, you want to unsubscribe from Dazn for the free month , for this you just have to enter the Play Store with your mobile phone in its official application with your Google Play account with which you contracted the service , you can do it from the following link . Now we must give where it says “Manage Subscriptions” .

Cancel Dazn.

Now we must look at the date where they will begin to charge us later. For example , if I unsubscribe after April 9, they will charge me €4.99 . In the event that it is the date April 9 or earlier, I will be able to unsubscribe from Dazn without being charged for the following month , so we will give you the image.


How do I cancel Dazn?

Now we just have to click on the section that says “Cancel Subscription” and that’s it.

Cancel Dazn Subscription.

Cancel Dazn Subscription From Computer

It is possible that you signed up for this Streaming platform from your computer and not from the application. So the process to unsubscribe from Dazn from the PC is slightly different. But don’t worry, I’ll explain how to do it very easily below .

Unsubscribe Dazn From PC Step By Step

Canceling the Dazn account from the computer is very simple, for this all we have to do is enter the platform with our account from the following link .

Once inside we must log in with the account which we want to unsubscribe and click on “Go to My Account” .

We will look at the top right and do the following:

  1. We click on “Menu” .
  2. We enter “My Account” .

In the “My Account” section we go down to the bottom and on the right we will see a white button that says “Cancel Subscription” , we press it.

Confirm Cancellation

Now we must fill out the following form to process the cancellation in Dazn:

  1. The reason why we left (Required).
  2. Describe the problem (Optional).
  3. Confirm cancellation of Dazn.

We will see at the top of the screen that we have sent a request to cancel Dazn to avoid being charged for the first month of trial , we click on “Accept” and that’s it.

I hope this tutorial has answered your question about how to unsubscribe from Dazn . If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer… Do not forget to share this article with your social networks, please, that would help me a lot… thank you!