Is sex addiction real or just a buzzword?

Big Hollywood stars and Norwegian celebrities have come forward and told that they are sex addicts .  The first cases were met with a lack of understanding. And many may still think “could it just be that they are notoriously unfaithful?” Or that the person suffers from hypersexuality. It can also be confused with certain sexual preferences.

For some, it can therefore be challenging to understand how sex addiction can be a disorder on the same level as other addictions . And through the media, you can quickly think of sex addiction as a buzzword. Here we will look at how the development has been for this disorder. We go into why it is important to take sex addiction seriously and why proper treatment is essential.

Recognition of sex addiction

Sex addiction as a disorder seriously became part of the public discourse in the 80s in the USA. After the hippie culture of the 60s and 70s with violent abuse of drugs and alcohol, destructive sexual behavior was also discussed in connection with it. Furthermore, in 2003, in the Handbook of clinicalsexuality for mental health professionals , great emphasis was placed on “online sexual compulsivity” in the section on sex addiction.

In this way, the term was constantly expanded and spread more and more among the population. Along with the development of the Internet and various media, it was also seen that sex addiction was becoming a growing problem . And in today’s modern society, there is constant availability of pornography and opportunities for sexual satisfaction.

Although much has changed since the 80s, it is still a controversial topic today. More and more famous personalities are coming forward as sex addicts. It often happens after stories have come to light about infidelity or participation in sexual activities outside of marriage. In a way, you can say that it can seem like it is easily explained away in the celebrity world. In another way, it helps to contribute to discussion around the topic and increased awareness of what it actually is.

Today, sex addiction is included as a diagnosis in the World Health Organization’s list of diagnoses. This has been named Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder , abbreviated to CSBD. For a diagnosis to be made as a sex addict, the person lacks the ability to resist compulsive sexual impulses, even if the pattern of action leads to very negative consequences for oneself and in one’s own life. Even if the behavior affects family life, work and social life, the person is unable to resist the impulses.


Sex addiction must be seen as any other addiction

Because the consequences of sex addiction are so great, there is no doubt that it must be taken seriously. It can put a person in direct danger, in that he or she can resort to buying/selling sex or participate in other illegal activities. At the same time, it is important to distinguish between sexual preferences and sex addiction. We have elaborated on that in the article 10 types of problematic sexual behaviour .

Having certain sexual preferences is not the same as being addicted to sex. In the same way, sex addiction is not reserved for a certain group among the population. Figures from the USA from 2018 show that around 3.3% of the population suffers from sex addiction . It is a disorder that can affect both men and women, but the figures show that most men develop it.

Although it has been discussed in the media in recent years as an “excuse” among men for being unfaithful or engaging in irresponsible sexual behavior, it is far from the truth. Unfortunately, it sometimes helps to reduce sex addiction to being a “buzzword”. Despite the fact that it can sometimes appear this way, it is important to know that it is a disorder that can and should be treated in the same way as other addictions.

Is sex addiction a buzzword?

The treatment is important in order to restore a healthy relationship with intimacy and one’s own sexuality. At the same time, it is important for quality of life and creating secure relationships with close relationships. As with other addictions, it can greatly affect your partner. Or it may prevent you from forming close bonds with others. There are often other underlying challenges that prevent a healthy sex life. It is these that are important to address and treat.

Help is available and help is near. The treatment through Therapy Guard can take place from your own living room. We offer home visits in certain municipalities and video calls wherever you are. Our course of treatment is laid out after a survey session in order to adapt it as much as possible to your needs.

And in response to the headline – sex addiction is not just a buzzword. It is a disorder that for many is reality and everyday life. Get in touch today for sex addiction treatment .