Privacy Policy

Who would have thought? On the web, quality also has its value: we are not talking here of having a fresh, redundant, fictionalized style of writing. Far from it. We talk about the general quality of our text content. That is to say, of their real usefulness for the reader .

Yes, because the secret is all here; it being understood that it is still a question of writing, consequently having a clean style and avoiding grammatical errors is more important than ever, what is fundamental is to answer this question: is what I am proposing a useful content for readers? A text that goes to give information on a topic, to explain something, to even groped to train readers on a specific theme will certainly have more views, readings and shares .

A text written just to fill a space or to artificially bring visitors to our site will be seen in a negative light by Google. Let us always remember the rule: to write from the reader’s point of view.