Stress management – how to treat stress?

Many people feel stressed from time to time , and there are different forms of stress . Some forms of stress can be good, because it makes you sharper and more focused in challenging situations. But when stress takes over everyday life and you are no longer able to handle it, it can affect your health . It can have persistent negative effects such as burnout , anxiety or depression .

There are some steps you can take on your own, we have written a separate article about that here , but when everything has been tried, it can be good to talk to a therapist and seek stress treatment .

Many people wonder how the treatment of stress takes place. Let’s take a closer look at just that.

How to treat stress?

How each individual case of stress is treated is determined by the individual’s needs . The form of treatment is therefore individually conditioned and will vary. You as a client will, together with the therapist, define the need for the treatment and find objectives you will work towards. Nevertheless, there are some common points of reference for stress treatment.

  1. Identify and understand the situations that lead to stress in your life . Is it a recurring and traumatizing event that triggers your stress? Could it be a specific person? A situation at the workplace? What causes stress in life is individual, and it is important to be honest with yourself about what it is. By mapping which factors lead to negative stress, it becomes possible to guide and find good methods that lead to changes in your reaction patterns.
  2. Find ways to deal with stressful situations. There are many ways to deal with stress, and you have to find the way that works for you. Some choose to withdraw completely from the situation, others want to confront it. For others, it can help to change routines or to solve tasks in new ways. Stress management can be learned, but based on the individual’s needs.

Through therapy for managing stress, you get the opportunity to talk to a professional party with experience in the field. Below you can read about different methods used to treat stress. These can help to challenge the thought patterns and reactions that lead to burdensome stress and understand how you can handle the situations in the best possible way.

Methods for treating stress

Because there can be many causes of stress for the individual, it is important to look at each situation individually. We therefore always view each and every case as unique and adapt the treatment accordingly. This is done by using methods adapted to you as a client and your life situation and challenge.

  • Become aware of your own internal processes that lead to the stress you experience. Here we go to the heart of what goes on internallyin any stressful situation. It will most likely be the same processes that repeat each time you are exposed to stress. Eventually, you will therefore become more and more aware of your feelings and thoughts when you get into these situations.
  • Challenge already practiced thought patterns. You often end up in a vicious circle that perpetuates the negative thoughts you struggle with. By challenging these thought and action patterns,you can also change the way you think and face challenges.

How long does stress treatment take?

The treatment time is adapted to the client’s situation and challenges. We are concerned that the clients take part in their own treatment, and it will be you and your therapist who assess the duration of the treatment.

Get in touch for stress treatment

If you find that the stress is unmanageable, you may benefit from seeking help. This applies both when  treatment is needed for psychological stress or chronic stress. We offer discreet individual stress treatment in your own home. You can contact us and get treatment and advice via video calls or have a therapist come to your home.