Trauma treatment – how to get rid of trauma?

It has been shown that the best form of trauma treatment is talk therapy . Trauma can be both physical and psychological wounds from the past . For a person with trauma, it will be difficult to talk about what one has experienced. But it is only by talking about it that one can really process the trauma and move on in life.

Trauma therapy is carried out in collaboration with a trauma psychologist. There may be some difference in the treatment of trauma in children and in adults. But what is important to bring out is that the person undergoing therapy experiences trauma-based care  during the treatment. Let’s take a closer look at the treatment of trauma.

Cognitive therapy as trauma treatment

Regardless of whether the trauma is caused by events or neglect from childhood, an accident, the loss of someone close to you, war, torture, or something else, the trauma will most likely be a major obstacle in life. It can prevent you from living life to the fullest, which is why it is extremely important that you address it.

A common reaction to trauma is to push away emotional readings and anything else that reminds of what led to the trauma. As a rule, most people experience flashbacks, but over time they learn techniques to avoid feeling the feelings that arise. This only leads to perpetuating the trauma.

Often there is also a strong sense of shame linked to the trauma. People who have experienced trauma often judge themselves for what happened. Therefore, they have the perception that others will also judge them if they tell about it. It causes them to feel shame and avoid the topic for all it’s worth.

But as was mentioned at the beginning, you will only get rid of the trauma if you talk about it. Trauma treatment has shown the best results through cognitive therapy . This is talk therapy which addresses the underlying causes of the trauma through exposure. Together with a professional trauma therapist, you go in depth about what you have experienced. You go through the emotional and bodily reactions that occurred when you were exposed to the event(s) that led to the trauma or traumas.

This is how you process the trauma . A therapist can help you interpret the experiences and reactions, and thus make them harmless. This will lead to you being able to move on in life by understanding that the reactions you yourself have had have been completely normal – but also that it is something to live with.


Individually adapted trauma therapy

As mentioned above, there are many different reasons why someone experiences trauma. These causes can also occur at different stages in life. This means that everyone who experiences trauma has experienced individual events and that the symptoms the individual experiences are also individually conditioned. Therefore, trauma treatment will also be adapted to the individual, even if the treatment itself is about the same.

For an adult, for example, it will be important to regain control over one’s own life . He or she can achieve this through trauma therapy together with a professional therapist. If the incident occurred in adulthood, it is also important to get back to work and normal life, as it was before the incident occurred.

In children, on the other hand, normal development is disrupted as a consequence of psychological or physical violence. Examples of that could be emotional neglect or abuse. This affects how the brain develops physically . Therefore, you also have to proceed in a different way when treating trauma in  children .

What is particularly important in trauma treatment for children is that you practice trauma-based care . This means that instead of thinking about what is wrong with the child, you meet the child with understanding , security and care. In this way, you can create a safe space for the child. A room where they can lower their shoulders and open up about their troubles. The goal of talk therapy is to strengthen the rational thinking part of the brain, increase the child’s sense of security and strengthen self-esteem .

Trauma treatment can give you a better life

When you process your trauma together with a trauma therapist, you will finally get a new start in life . Your traumas can prevent you from, for example, forming close bonds with other people, prevent intimacy in relationships or from realizing your full potential at work. There are many ways trauma can be an obstacle in life that you may not have thought about.

Together with a therapist, you can get to the bottom of what is really bothering you. This is also how you process and treat your traumas. Seek trauma treatment to strengthen your psyche and create a better life for yourself.