Treatment of alcoholism

Treatment for alcoholism comes in many forms. There are several methods. All of these can have an effect, but to varying degrees. What is important is that the alcoholic gets the help he or she needs . Whether it is in the form of individual talk therapy, family therapy, group therapy or a combination of these.

Are there also methods that don’t work so well? Like, for example, medicine for alcoholism or music therapy? In this article you can read about different methods. We also discuss the importance of preventing relapse. Read on to find out more about alcohol addiction treatment.

What does it mean to treat alcoholism?

Treatment of alcoholism is a long-term process. It is a process that begins with recognition . The alcoholic first has to admit that he or she has a problem and needs help. Not everyone is able to see this for themselves. And it can be very difficult to admit that you are doing something wrong.

This applies both to oneself and to one’s loved ones. It is also not certain that those around the alcoholic notice that something is wrong. Therefore, this is the first important step you must take.


The level of motivation must then be measured. The treatment is a process that can take both time and effort, and motivation and ambivalence will vary in this process.

When the alcoholic goes through the treatment, it is also important to have help and support from those close to them.

This is the alpha omega for coping with what lies ahead. Not everyone has someone close to them. It is then important to have a good support system and therapists who care about what they do.

The treatment itself will be adapted to the degree of alcoholism . Some people have a more serious alcohol problem than others. Therefore, they need even more follow-up, more intensive and long-term treatment. Talk therapy may be enough if the abuse has not yet started to physically affect the body. If, on the other hand, you experience physical and mental disorders as a result of the alcoholism, you will need more extensive treatment.

Methods of treatment of alcoholism

As mentioned, there are several methods for treating alcoholism . There are therefore methods for different degrees of alcohol problems. At the same time, a method may work for some, but not for you. It is important that together with a therapist you find a method that you think can work for you and your life situation.

As a rule, a mixture of several methods is used. The methods mentioned below are all individually very good. If you put them together, they will form a good multi-part treatment plan . Together with a therapist, you will arrive at what will be most appropriate for you. Read on to find out more.

Family therapy
With family therapy, the whole family is taken care of during the treatment of alcoholism in a family member. An alcohol problem can affect the whole family. Therefore, it is important to take care of all family members when treating the problem. This also helps to strengthen family cohesion.

The 12-step
model This method is also called the Minnesota model. It is very widespread in several other countries, including the United States. Through the 12-step model, you learn tools that you can take with you in life . These tools are about how to stay drug-free and look after your life and your sobriety in your recovery process.

Cognitive behavioral therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you break down self-destructive patterns . With this form of therapy, your own mindsets and patterns of action are called into question. Then, together with a therapist, you find alternative ways of thinking and acting. This is how you yourself help to change your own destructive behaviour.

Motivational interviewing
This is a short-term method for treating alcoholism. It can be a longer conversation with a therapist . You then go through your inner motivation to stop the addiction. During the conversation, you will receive advice and guidance on how you can abstain from alcohol now and in the future.

Mindfulness and meditation
As part of the treatment of alcoholism, mindfulness and meditation can be of great help . Through meditation you get the opportunity to completely relax and get in touch with body and mind . It can help you avoid stress. At the same time, you can get rid of negative thoughts that may suddenly arise.

Detoxification In the case of very serious alcohol abuse, admission to a detoxification clinic
will in many cases be most appropriate . Here you can get medical tapering that helps reduce withdrawal. Detoxification must always be followed up with drug treatment at a clinic immediately after you have become stable both physically and mentally.

therapy Group therapy can be very helpful. Here you can meet others who are in the same situation as yourself . You get the opportunity to share experiences, feelings and thoughts. You also get input from others who are going through the same thing.

Trauma treatment
Sometimes alcohol abuse is a consequence of trauma. It can be trauma from childhood or serious events. It is then important to treat the trauma  that has led to the addiction . Without treating the underlying causes of the abuse, relapse can quickly occur.

Physical activity and exercise
It is no secret that physical activity is good for both the body and the brain. This applies not least when treating alcoholism. A healthy and fit body is better suited to cope with the demands of everyday life . In addition, it gives you something else to think about and fill your days with.


What methods do we use?

The therapy ward uses several different methods for the treatment of alcoholism. We believe it is important that the client himself participates in treating his own addiction, and therefore uses cognitive behavioral therapy during substance abuse treatment. This method has proven successful for the client to understand their own pattern of abuse and then find alternative mindsets or patterns of action together with our therapists.

In addition, we use what is called the 12-step model , as detailed above. Through this, you will get good tools that you can take with you further in life to avoid relapse. In some cases, we also use trauma treatment, if the alcohol abuse has a background in trauma from the past.

We use all these methods to treat your alcohol abuse by changing thought patterns and treating trauma. At the same time that you receive treatment yourself, family therapy can also be valuable . The alcohol problem can affect the whole family, and therefore it is also important to take care of all family members. It is also useful for you to have support from those closest to you throughout the treatment period. Many do not have family or close friends who can join them on the journey, and many of these experience extra support in self-help groups .

Are there less good methods?

There are also some methods that are less good for treating alcoholism. This is because these have not shown as good an effect as the methods mentioned above. These methods include, among other things:

  • Medicine for alcoholism
  • Music therapy
  • Couples therapy

When treating alcoholism, it is important to have good methods that work for you. A therapist will be able to help you find methods that are right for you. At the same time, they have a professional background with good knowledge of which methods have had a documented effect in the past.

How to prevent relapse?

Even if you have recovered from alcohol abuse, temptations may be just around the corner. Then it is important to have an aftercare program to prevent relapse . There are several types of aftercare. Here we mention a few. First, we will look at what is the main focus of an aftercare program:

  • Learn skillsthat prevent you from falling back into the problematic behavior
  • Increase the ability to recognize risk situations
  • Get better at either avoiding or dealing with situations
  • Become more aware of the consequences
  • Find new options

The therapist helps you find methods to help you abstain from alcohol. Together you can make a plan and find tools you can use in everyday life . For many, it can also be very valuable and effective to go to self-help groups such as AA/NA in combination with aftercare afterwards. This can help with motivation and to experience support from others.

Through group therapy, you can also do activities. This will help you get your mind off the alcohol. The same applies to exercise. It is important to have activities and a network that is not centered around active addiction . The family also comes into play here as an important factor. Support from those closest to you is incredibly important both during and after treatment.

Seek help for treatment of alcoholism

The first step you must take is to admit. You must admit that you have an alcohol problem. Then you have to seek help . With the help of an experienced and knowledgeable therapist, the road to an alcohol-free everyday life becomes easier. All our addiction therapists have user experience. We can therefore help you through a low-threshold offer adapted to your everyday life.

With us, you can receive treatment in your own home . The therapist can come to your home to assess your situation before a treatment plan is presented. It is important to us that you feel it is manageable to take the necessary steps to seek help. Get in touch today for an offer to treat alcoholism