Walkthrough Barnyard

Full and detailed walkthrough for the game Barnyard

Chapter 1 Welcome

In the barnyard

The game will start as soon as you choose a cow to play as and give her a name. You start the game at the shed. This is the only place in the game world where you can save your game and sleep.

First of all, talk to the mule Miles, who is standing nearby with a large exclamation point above his head.

He will tell you how to save and sleep to pass the time between missions.


Now meet Ben. This is a large gray cow with a notebook, which stands in the middle of the yard. Ben will welcome you to the barnyard.

Apple Pie Pig

Come talk to Pig. A fat pink pig stands next to a wooden fence.

On the occasion of your visit to the farm, Pig is thinking of making an apple pie, but he doesn’t have the recipe. Those scoundrel raccoons tore up his cookbook and hid the pages. The recipes are hidden all over the farm under stones with a cross. You will find the first stone with the recipe behind the tractor shed.

When you bring the recipe to Pig, it turns out that two more apples and flour are needed for the pie. An apple tree grows next to the chicken coop. Approach the trunk and press “Enter” or “F” to shake the tree, then the apples will fall. All fallen apples can be collected.

Flour can be found in grain sacks that are found throughout the barnyard. But even if there is no flour in the bag, you will definitely get a coin for your efforts. In order not to look for a long time, several bags are under a canopy for a tractor, one must have flour. In general, there are a lot of boxes, flower pots, cans of paint and other items in the barnyard, in which the gophers hid a gold coin.

Having received all the necessary ingredients, return to the Pig. Now you can go cook! The door to the kitchen is at the back of the large red barn.

In the kitchen, check the recipe and place each ingredient in the skillet in the correct order. It will turn out delicious!

For your help, Pig will give you his cookbook “Pig Recipes” and a collection of signature cocktails called “Pigtails”. Here you can add all the found recipes. Here you can see how many recipes are already there, and how many are left. According to recipes, you can cook various goodies in the kitchen, and at night in the Disc Barn.

Dog Duke

It’s time to meet the dog Duke, he is waiting for you at the porch of the farmhouse. Duke will tell you a little about the farmer and about the local order.

Mouse Pip

Isn’t it time to chat with Pip the Mouse? This most cheerful mouse in the world stands on the fence, not far from Pig. It is rather difficult to see him, since he is no bigger than your hoof. Pip will give you sunglasses and send you to his friend Otis with a meaningful air.

Otis and milk splashes

Otis is a black and white cow near the tractor shed. Otis is easy to recognize by the tense expression on his face: it looks like he is inventing another prank.

Otis will teach you how to use sunglasses and offer to spray six different animals in the yard. To do this, open the backpack with the “I” key and use the “Left” and “Right” arrows to select sunglasses. Press “Enter” or “F” to put them on. To spray milk, press the left mouse button, the right mouse button will help you aim.

Squirt on the Bullseye – with Ben

Having had enough fun with Otis, go back to Ben. With it, you will shoot milk at targets. With the right mouse button, you can aim or see the outlines of cans through buildings. Banks are also indicated by blue dots on the minimap. Sometimes finding a jar without a mini-card can be difficult. After this task, Ben will give you the key to the barnyard gate. This means that Ben now trusts you and you can leave the barnyard.

slam into the dirt

Approach Pig. Not only does he know how to cook, he’s also the all-time winner of the “Slam in the Mud” game! This is every pig’s favorite game. The main thing in this game is to jump over or push the pipe, which will spin faster and faster. Pushing the pipe is more difficult than jumping over and gives more points.

Collect ten eggs

Hanna the mother hen needs your help urgently! Rooster Ruth lost all the eggs somewhere in the yard. They must be picked up until the raccoons do it.

The mini-map will show you where the eggs are still lying – they are indicated by blue dots. The number in the upper right corner shows how many eggs are left to find.

Great Otis

Now back to Otis. As always, he will brag and talk nonsense, but after a fiery tirade, he will still give out the key to his bike and tell you what the Barnyard Championship is.

From now on, you will have to not only complete tasks, but also perform them perfectly in order to eventually receive the title of Champion of the Animal Farm.

The bike that Otis will give you is quite old – it is slow and rather clumsy. Gopher’s Shop sells the newest, coolest bikes, but they are quite expensive.

Butter for Pig

Pig is calling you again. He needs oil from the barn, a big red house in the middle of the yard. Inside the barn you will find cans. Approach one of them and press the “Enter” or “F” key to fill the can with milk.

Milk can be taken or whipped to cream. To do this, press the “F” key as often as possible. Please note that there is not much time for this. If you do not meet the allotted time, the milk will curdle. Cream can be taken, or you can whip in the same way until butter.

Milk, cream and butter are three different products, and all three are constantly required in the kitchen. On the other hand, at Gopher’s Shop, butter will pay three times as much as milk.

Each can can be used only once a day and only during the day – the farmer removes the cans at night.

sleeping beauties

Ben needs help. Ride your bike to Dark Pond and wake up the three Jersey Cow Boys. To get to the Dark Pond, after leaving the gate, immediately turn right and do not turn anywhere else.

When you arrive, spray all three Jersey boys with milk. They will swear loudly, but pay no attention! Milk is good for health.

To see where this or that place is located, use the large map. Get it from the backpack with the “M” key. If you zoom in on the map (Page Down key), you can see where things grow, which mini-games you’ve unlocked, and where the bike racks are.

On the mini-map, blue triangles along the border of the map mark your “goals”. When you get close enough, the triangles will turn into circles on the map. While a small area is open to you, you can navigate only on the mini-map. When there are more locations, you can’t do without a big map.

Ruth the Rooster and Gopher’s Shop

Rooster Ruth will be waiting for you in the evening near the barn, he has a very interesting offer for you. Become his partner and help him transform an ordinary village barn into Disc Barn – the most fun place in the area. Everything you need for the arrangement can be bought at the Gopher’s shop. The shop is located on a hill – just behind the bridge, on the right. To climb the hill, jump from one ledge to another using the space bar.

To start furnishing the barn, buy a billiard table from the gophers. Ruth himself will give you money for it. The rest of the purchases you will have to make at your own expense.

Shopkeeper – Joey

When you go up the hill, talk to the owner of the shop – Joey. This is a nimble gopher with the inclinations of an Italian mafia and the grip of a good speculator.

Then go to the store. To do this, stand in the orange circle and press the “Enter” (or “F”) key.

A pool table

In the store you will be met by a gopher to Frankie. Select the “Purchase” section and the “Games and entertainment” category. Buy a pool table. Then return to the barn and share the news with Ruth. Gophers deliver all purchases themselves and immediately.

“Run the Balls”

After billiards appeared in the Disc Barn, Dog Duke sleeps and sees how to play with you, because he is the champion of the whole district! Duke is waiting for you in the basement of the Disc Barn.

The first ball that falls into the pocket determines the color of your balls. The main task of the game is to pocket your own balls with a white ball without touching the opponent’s balls. If you don’t roll anything, or a white ball hits the pocket, the move goes to the opponent. If you pocket a black ball, the game ends immediately and you lose.

The black ball should only be pocketed after all of your other balls are already in the pocket.

When you complete the game, return to Ruth.

Milk thistle

Duke really liked the pool table you bought. For this, Ruth gives you a milkweed seed. A seed can be planted in a pile of fresh earth – such remains above the holes of gophers. Places suitable for planting are highlighted with a pinkish glow – you can’t go wrong! There is one such place behind the water tower in Dandelion Meadow.

If you water milkweed sprout with milk, then a real milkweed tree will grow, which you can climb like a ladder. Climb up and see what’s there.

All Euphorbia trees lead to something interesting, and the Euphorbia Seed itself unlocks new parts in the Miscellaneous Differences section.

“Prank on the postman”

Morning has come, and the merry fellow Otis is already on his feet and ready for new adventures. He is waiting for you at the exit of the barnyard near the mailbox. Here you can play his favorite game “Prank on the postman.” The name of the game fully reflects its essence. The goal of the game is to do various funny tricks and feints behind the postman’s back. Most importantly, the postman should not see you on two legs. From time to time the postman turns around, and before turning around, he begins to twitch nervously.

The more complex moves you make, the more points you earn. Points are awarded not just for the movement made, but for the time that you perform it. The longer the feint, the more points.

At any moment, even in the middle of a feint, you can fall on all fours so that the postman does not notice anything.

“Ride with the wind”

A trio of Jersey nerds are waiting for you in Dandelion Meadow to see who can cycle faster. Loafers are large and very heavy cows, but this does not mean that they drive slowly. On Otis’ bike, you will get tired quickly, so it will be very difficult to overtake the trio. Moreover, Otis’ bike skids a lot, and he is very unstable. A good bike from Gopher’s can make things a lot easier.

Three strawberries for Pig

Pig has an emergency, he just needs to eat at least one strawberry. Bring him three strawberries and he will be just happy. Strawberries grow in the garden along with vegetables.

Look at the map for directions to the garden. Where berries, fruits or nuts grow in the area can be seen on a large map by zooming in with the “Page down” button.

Give Pip a Ride

After completing the task of the Pig, hurry to the little Pip as soon as possible. An advanced mouse would not refuse your help. He was to meet Otis at Dark Pond, but if he went there on foot, he would be there by autumn at best. You are his last chance to catch a meeting with a friend. Give Pip a lift to the Dark Pond (out of the gate and first turn to the right).

Chapter 2. Raccoon Season.

Chicken nanny

The chickens went wild. Hannah was knocked off her feet trying to get them to sleep. She asks you to help her send the chickens to the crib. You will have to work as a nanny, and in a race with Otis.

To send the chicken to the coop, stand in one of the multi-colored rings on the ground and press the “Enter” or “F” key. Rings of different colors bring a different number of points. The farther the ring is from the chicken coop, the more points it can bring.

To earn more points, try throwing chickens at the lilac chicken coop. Where the rings are located becomes visible on the minimap as soon as you pick up the chicken. Pillars of light rise above the rings, so that they can be seen from afar.

Note that you can spray Otis. Otis will immediately drop the chicken if he is holding it at this moment.

“Protect the garden”

Miles is waiting for you in the garden. Help protect crops from raccoons. Your task is to splash raccoons with milk, close the gaps in the fence and shoot down raccoon snipers who are trying to throw a tomato at you from the fence. Keep a close eye on the raccoons on the mini-map, where they are marked with red dots. A pulsing dot means that the raccoon has already grabbed something and is about to run away.

To close the gap in the fence, run up to it and press the “Enter” or “F” key.

A special icon in the lower left at the corner will notify you that a sniper raccoon has already sat on the fence. “Spray on the bull’s eye” on Ben’s hillock

It’s time to climb Ben’s Hillock, where Ben has already set up targets. The fewer times you miss and the fewer “sprays” you spend in general, the more points you get. Banks standing on the same line can be shot down with one shot. For each subsequent can knocked down without a pause, more points are given. A maximum of 10 points can be obtained for one knocked down can.

double tariff

Joey urgently summons you to Gopher Hill, he has good news for you. Every time the gophers urgently need an item, Joey will call you for help. If you bring the right product that same night, the gophers will pay twice as much for it as they usually pay. During the game gophers will turn to you for help more than once.

If you bring a few inexpensive goods, the difference will be small, but if the goods are expensive (for example, honey) or there are a lot of them (for example, several bouquets of flowers), then the benefit is obvious.

Hide and seek with chickens

Baby Twinkie got bored and came up with a game. The chickens will hide in the barnyard, and you will look for them. And the chickens are having fun, and you are pleased.

Use the mini-map to find the chickens.

Honey for Hannah

Hannah really wants honey. Beehives with honey are located in the Walnut Grove, and you can get there from Dandelion Meadow. Once in the grove, keep a close eye on the bees. They guard their honey very carefully and can sting very painfully.

Specially trained detachments of bees patrol the area around the hive and do not let a single enemy infiltrator through. It is convenient to follow the bees on the mini-map, where they are marked in red. If the bees are chasing you, try to run away and hide in a nearby stump. Rescue stumps are marked on the mini-map with blue stars.

When approaching the hive, press the “F” key, and the screen will show the inside of the hive. Now use the keys to “rotate the hoof” to collect all the honey. How much honey is collected, shows the picture in the middle of the screen. Collect all the honey, and you already have a quarter of the jar!

To fill the jar, collect honey from four beehives. You can take honey from the same hive: when you take all the honey out of it, it will fill up again.

Don’t forget to take the full jar of honey to Hannah.

Company assembled!

Otis arranged to meet his friends Peck, Pip, Pig and Freddie at the Dark Pond, but for some reason none of them showed up. Look for them all and remind them to meet a friend. You will find Peck near the bridge, next to the exit from the barnyard. Freddie is standing in Dandelion Meadow, near the water pump. The pig, as always, is near the pigsty. Pip is also in his usual place – on the fence of the pigsty. You will have to give Pip a lift to the meeting point – the path is too far even for a big mouse like him.

The minimap also shows where Otis’ friends are waiting for you.

«Protect the chicken coop from the raccoon»

It is time to put into practice the acquired knowledge and experience. Ben needs your help to protect the chicken coop from the raccoons. Tonight, these crooks decided to dine on eggs. If the raccoons carry 10 or more eggs out of the yard, you lose.

Any raccoon is very afraid of milk. If you spray it, it will immediately fall to the ground and begin to lick milk. At this moment, you can approach him, pick him up (with the “Enter” or “F” key) and throw him over the fence (with the same key).

If the raccoon has already climbed into the chicken coop, he will come out back with the egg. Scour the raccoon and he will drop the egg. Spray it again and it will fall down by itself. Rather, pick up the abandoned egg. To return it to the chicken coop, stand in the colored circle on the ground and press the “Enter” or “F” key. As in other similar mini-games, circles of different colors bring different points.

Watch out for raccoons on the mini-map, raccoons are marked with red dots. A raccoon with an egg is indicated by a pulsating dot. Also on the map are marked eggs thrown and colored circles.

“Pull the chicken”

Chicken Peck is waiting for you on the South Path. The road to it leads from the gate of the barnyard, across the bridge and further straight. If you get lost, use the map (“M” key). Peck’s cherished dream is to learn to fly (he doesn’t know how to crow, but he’s not going to learn). Together with friends, he built something like a slingshot from a rubber band from a farmer’s underpants and old skis, and now he is trying to conquer the sky with this simple device.

To launch Peck, press the Spacebar as often as possible. The scale at the bottom will help you hit Peck neither too weakly nor too hard.

Peck’s flight can be controlled with the mouse or keyboard arrows. In any case, the layout will be inverted, that is, in order for Peck to fly up, move the mouse down, like the helm of an airplane.

Flying through a ring of fire in mid-air grants Peck an additional charge of energy. As soon as Peck starts to lose speed, press “Space” and he will fly with renewed vigor. The scale of feathers in the lower left corner shows how many accelerations are left. Rings of fire increase the number of haste. In addition, they bring extra points.

The end point of the flight is the barn window. Each of the windows brings a different number of points. 100 points can be obtained by flying into the half-covered window on the left. Try not to miss, otherwise the farmer will have a chicken chop for dinner.

“Hang Out at the Golf Club”

Otis is waiting for you in Izzy Springs. This is a golf course further down the South Trail. Otis loves to play golf and does it just fine. Try to beat his record! You have to roll the ball into 9 holes, and each time it will be more and more difficult to do it. To hit the ball, click the left mouse button or press the Spacebar. Then double click to set the range and accuracy of the throw. The scale below will help you with this – click when it reaches the mark. If you clicked in time, a green tick will appear on the scale, if not, a red cross.

After the first hit, the ball goes to the gophers. You need to control the movements of the gopher with the help of the keyboard arrows, hit the ball with the mouse. To adjust the impact force, press and hold the left mouse button.

Please note that you are given a limited amount of time for each hole. If time runs out, you will have to start all over again.

At some levels, the ball can be put into the hole with one hit, that is, Otis will hit the ball once and the gopher will push the ball once. A level completed with one hit brings extra points that will allow you to become an absolute champion in golf. All types of barnyard golf have these levels.

Chapter 3. Coyote Season.

A conversation with Ben

Ben calls you to Ben’s Hillock. He wants to let you know that it’s coyote season and you need to keep your eyes peeled. Ben will also give you the key to the East Path. Now you can drive in almost all neighborhoods!

Daisies for Daisy

Otis is calling you to Dark Pond. He really likes Daisy, but he is shy to approach. Now Otis asks you to collect a bunch of daisies and give them to Daisy. Daisies grow all over the area, and the bouquet is ten flowers. Daisy is sunbathing on a sun lounger in the middle of Dandelion Meadow.

Daisy will love the flowers and will definitely ask you to thank Otis. So, you will have to return to Otis again and convey gratitude, only after that the task will be completed.

For your help, Otis will give you his metal detector, which will come in handy more than once.


Duke is waiting for you in the barnyard – he has put your metal detector to good use. Use a metal detector to find 10 cans in the ground, then to send them to the trash. Banks mostly lie in the dirt near the buildings – they are usually not under the grass. Near the clothesline you can find as many as four cans.

To start the search, take out the metal detector from your inventory. When the green circle around the metal detector starts flashing faster, it means you are close to a metal object. If the circle turns red, you are standing directly over something metallic! Press the “Enter” or “F” key to dig out the jar.

If the circle turns yellow, you have come to some large iron object – it could be a water tower, a pipe lying underground, or something similar.

Milk splash!

Approach Otis. He boasts as always! Now Otis has set the milk spray distance record. This means that he splashes milk the farthest. Try to prove to him that this is not so.

There are several places for superspray on the farm. The closest is the water tower, which stands in the yard behind the barn. You can climb there from the roof of the canopy on old tires and boards. Sometimes Euphorbia trees will help you get to the super spray sites.

After climbing the tower, enter the shooting area and try to shoot some milk. When Otis’ record is broken, your name with the new record will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again. You will definitely succeed!

Return to Otis and brag about the result. He will give you the key to the gate at the Izzy Springs golf course.

“Splash on the Bullseye” at Beedee Farm

Ben asks you to visit Beedee’s farm. You can get there by the road leading through the Izzy Springs golf course. Ben has already hung the targets – a new training is waiting for you. The farm does not have many defenders, so every cow must be ready.

Peck’s new flight

Peck is waiting for you again on the South Path. Apparently, the bumps stuffed in the first flight have already passed, so he is again drawn to the sky.

Raccoons in the garden

Miles needs you in the garden urgently! The raccoons were raging again. You need to save the farmer’s crop, otherwise he will have nothing to sell at the market!

“Go on an adventure”

The boys from Jersey scored an arrow with you – you meet them in the evening in the Disc Barn. If during the day hooligans ride bicycles, then at night they are not afraid of anything at all – they take Bidi’s car and rush along the roads. Why don’t you borrow a farmer’s car and race the Jersey boys? They are sure that behind the wheel they have no equal.

You need to control the machine using the keyboard arrows. You need not only to overtake the slapaevs, but also not to get caught by the police. If you get spotted and stopped more than five times, you’ll have to start over.

I closed the door

Otis and his gopher friends need your help urgently! Otis is waiting for you at the gate to Izzy Springs. The golf club guards have dug gopher traps in the ground so that the gophers can no longer dig holes in the field. Get out the metal detector and dig out the traps. It is known that there should be ten of them in total. They are buried mainly in the sandy areas of the field.

Bike race!

The Jersey Boys are waiting for you at Dandelion Meadow. They challenge you to the food race again. They’re pretty sure you got lucky last time: Bud had a stomachache that day, Ygg hiccupped all the time, and Eddie didn’t get enough sleep after partying. Therefore, they are confident that this time they will be able to win.

Details for Miles

Miles is waiting for you in the garden. Recently, human babies have been offending sleeping cows at night – they swing them and drop them to the ground in their sleep. Gotta teach them! Miles came up with a device that could scare the kids away.

For a complex mechanism, Miles needs: a battery, a screw, a spring, a steering wheel and a rope. You will find the rope on the wooden bridge near the Dark Pond. The battery is in Izzy Springs, on the field near the house there is a car, and next to it is a battery. The steering wheel is lying around Beady’s garage, and the screw and the old spring can be picked up at the house opposite Beady’s farm.

All of these items are marked on the mini-map with blue dots.

Tomato launcher for battle!

Miles built a tomato launcher! There’s nothing nastier than rotten tomatoes smeared all over your clothes and face, these juvenile delinquents won’t be back! And they will not even suspect that the cows themselves are throwing tomatoes at them.

Move the sight with the mouse, you can shoot with the left mouse button, reload – with the right. Gophers toss boxes of Auto Tomatoes, Super Tomatoes, and Mega Tomatoes to you. These are shells of different types – some shoot “bursts”, some once, but very strongly.

Try not to let the kids knock over more than six cows. If you complete this task, Ben will give you the key to the path leading to the old mill.

Another crazy race

The jerseys from jersey are waiting for you in the barn tonight. They want to drive around the neighborhood again and tease the goofy cops. And they still hope to overtake you and leave you with a nose.

“Spray on the Bullseye” at Izzy Springs

Otis is in Izzy Springs and he really wants to see you. This time he himself prepared targets for you. There will be many targets, and time is very short, so hurry up. Ben didn’t give you such difficult tasks.

Fruit for Freddy

Save Freddy! He needs to be fed before he faints from hunger. He is waiting for you in the barnyard near the chicken coop. This ferret has decided to become a fruit eater and asks you to bring him three apples, three cherries and three strawberries. Several apple trees grow in the barnyard, strawberries grow in the vegetable garden, and cherry trees grow near Beady’s farm.

The location of other trees can be viewed on the map if you zoom in using the “Page Down” key. Surprise for the farmer

Daisy decided to give the farmer a pleasant surprise and bake him a birthday cake. Find the necessary ingredients: oil, honey and egg. Oil can be made in the barn. To do this, fill a can with milk, beat the milk into cream, and the cream into butter. The egg can be taken from the chicken coop.

Honey can only be obtained in Walnut Grove (how to do this, see the “Honey for Hannah” section). Having collected all the ingredients, go to the kitchen and bake a pie. When the cake is ready, place it on the porch of the farmhouse.

In search of treasure

Ben is waiting for you on Ben’s Hill. He decided to scold you for buying human things at Gopher’s and wasting your money. But Ben’s heart will definitely tremble, and instead he will tell you how the money spent in the gopher shop can be returned using a metal detector. Gophers bury their money under golden bells. As soon as you see such bells, take out the metal detector and look! Golden bells grow, for example, at the far end of the golf course and in the barnyard next to the farmhouse.

“Hang Out at the Golf Club”

Otis is waiting for you in Izzy Springs, he wants to invite you to play golf on the farm. You need to roll the ball into 9 holes. This time it will not be so easy to get into the hole, on the way the ball will encounter various obstacles from a baby stroller to a combine for field work. But the more difficult, the more interesting, right?

The Dark Side of Freddy

Peck needs your help! Freddie the ferret has been having nightmares lately and is also delirious in his sleep. And his delirium comes down to one thing: Freddie wants to taste chicken. Peck is afraid to wake up a friend, so you can’t do without your help here.

You have to plunge into Freddy’s nightmare and protect the chickens. Spray all “Crazy Freddys” with milk, this should scare them away. Throw the chickens he drops back into the chicken coop made of colorful circles on the ground.

Charity Match

Daisy wants to talk to you and is waiting for you at the barn. She decided to hold some charity games to raise money for a wonderful gift for the old, old dog Everett. He is thirteen years old, and for a dog this is already a lot!

In total, Daisy offers to play 5 games:

  1. Slam into the dirt;
  2. Ride with the breeze;
  3. Seal the chicken;
  4. Spray on the apple
  5. Relax at the golf club.

Each game differs from the usual games of the same name in that here you must not only complete the task, but also collect as many gold coins as possible in each level.

For all competitions, you need to collect 1000 coins. However, even if you fail, do not despair! A thousand coins will be counted from your total money, so you can cover the gap with your own coins. And if the money is still not enough, Daisy will hold another charity game.

Chapter 4. Everett’s birthday.

“Water the ambala”

Ruth urgently needs help in the Disc Barn: a lot of people have gathered in the Disc Barn to celebrate Everett’s birthday. Help Ruth at the bar, he can’t do it without you.

Each visitor at the counter must pour a full glass of milk. Send the filled glass to the table to the visitor. While waiting for the order, the client gradually moves along the bar counter. Don’t make customers wait, send all glasses on time!

From time to time, visitors send you back empty glasses. They need to be caught. To do this, it is enough to be near the desired rack. Catching glasses is not so easy, but try to break no more than five glasses, otherwise the game will end.

Please note that you can move not only across the racks, but also along. This allows you to pick up an empty glass without waiting until it reaches the end, and take the left tip.

Chapter 5

Bells for Ben

Daisy asked you to decorate Ben’s grave with a bouquet of bluebells. Bluebells were Ben’s favorite colors. A bouquet is ten flowers. To place a bouquet on a grave, come close to the grave and press the “Enter” or “F” key.

chicken choir

Twinky asks you to find six chickens and tell them to go up Ben’s Hillock. The chickens have prepared a song that will help at least cheer Otis up a little. You will find the first chicken at the exit from the barnyard a. The second chicken sits at the entrance to the garden. The third chick is walking in Dandelion Meadow, near the pumping station. The fourth chicken is in Dandelion Meadow near Daisy’s sun lounger. The fifth chick sits next to the wooden bridge on the Dark Pond. The sixth chicken is at the turn to the Dark Pond, at the gate. To quickly find all the chickens, check the mini-map. Chickens are marked on it with blue dots. After you find all the chickens, return to the Hillock to Twinkie.

Chapter 6

“Hang Out at the Golf Club”

Otis invites you to play golf again. He wants to unwind and have some fun. You have to roll the ball into 18 holes. After that, Otis will give you the key to the North Path, which leads to the gray gorge.

Car racing again

Jersey nerds want to meet you at Disc Barn tonight. They can’t wait to ride the car again. It seems like they like to lose!

Scrap metal for gophers

Joey has a very good deal for you. Gophers urgently need metal. They need 5 pieces of any metal. And metal, as you know, is full in a landfill. Pieces of metal that were complex devices or parts in a past life are marked with dots on the mini-map, so you can easily find them. The path to the Junkyard is behind the Dark Pond – it’s a narrow and steep path up and over a suspension bridge.

Big Race!

The Jersey Boys are waiting for you at Dandelion Meadow. They want to ride bikes with you again. These guys have speed in their blood, and they do not lose hope of overtaking you.

Leak in a pipe

Malicious raccoons cannot go a day without committing mischief. This time they worked on the water pipe – they gnawed through it, so now there is no water in the pigsty.

Miles is waiting for you on the way to the Dark Pond, he wants you to find and fix the leaks. Once you find a leak, press “F” to seal it. The first leak is located near Miles m. The rest of the leaks can be found by tracing with a metal detector where the pipe goes underground. When the metal detector senses large metal objects such as a pipe, the ring around it turns yellow.

You can even notice without a metal detector that the second leak is behind the shed where you sleep. The third is behind the water tower near the barn. The fourth is near the chicken coop. And the fifth, the last one is near the pigsty.

Peck flights

Peck begs you to shoot him somewhere higher and further away. Don’t deny him the pleasure.

Nanny for chickens

Hannah’s chickens will not calm down, they play and frolic and do not want to go to sleep in any. This time you will compete in educational skills with the guys from Jersey. It will be easier with them, because they also compete with each other.

Again «Protect garden»

Miles asks you to come to the garden. The garden needs protection again – raccoon thieves have taken up their old ways.

car racing

Dwarfs from Jers and are waiting for you in the evening in the barn. They again want to compete with you in driving speed. They still have not understood that they simply have no chance against you.

Last bike race

The Jersey Loafers are waiting for you at Dandelion Meadow. They offer one last cycle race – one lap around the farm to determine the winner once and for all. Looks like you can guess who will be first…

“Hang Out at the Golf Club”

Otis wants you to come to Izzy Springs. This time he invites you to play golf not for time, but for the number of strokes. Now you can count the hit for as long as you like. The main thing is that it be accurate. At first glance, everything seems simple, but it is only at first glance.

Chapter 7

“Cuddle over Biddy”

Otis asks you to come to Beady’s farm tonight. He has an important task for you – to distract Mrs. Beady while he and the rogues take her car. Your task is to do as many tricks as possible in order to bring the mission with Beady to the handle. Most importantly, do not get caught by Mr. Beady.

Surveillance of human children

After you have the car, follow the human kids. You need to find out where they live in order to take revenge on them for the offended cows. Don’t lose sight of the kids so they don’t get loose, and don’t get too close or they’ll notice you and realize you’re… not human.

When Otis and the Jersey Boys get their revenge on the little hoodlums, run as fast as you can from the cops.

Relax at the golf club

Otis is waiting for you in Izzy Springs. He invites you to play golf for the last time. Here you can express yourself to the fullest and finally prove that you are a real pro in the game.

Protect a chicken coop from a coyote

Otis will be waiting for you in the barnyard tonight. Looks like the coyotes are preparing to attack. They decided that since Ben was no more, no one would stop them from stealing hens. Prove it’s not. Spray coyotes with milk, it will scare them away. Send the abandoned chickens back to the colored ring coop on the ground.

Chapter 8 Otis leaves.

Leak in a pipe

Miles is waiting for you at Dandelion Meadow. The raccoons have done something to the pipe again, and this time the water is not flowing into the garden. These nasty thieves do not differ in intelligence and ingenuity, because they themselves drag vegetables from the beds, and without water the entire crop will die.

Find all leaks and fix them. The first leak is near Miles. The rest are somewhere in Dandelion Meadow. Leaks can be found with a metal detector. Or you can just look around carefully, it will be much faster. The last leak is already on the way to the garden.

From a tomato gun to raccoons!

Bessie will be waiting for you at Dandelion Meadow tonight. Raccoons have come up with a new stupid game for themselves – they learned from human children that sleeping cows can be turned over. Bessie is angry! If you want to win her favor, be sure to help her. Teach the rampaging raccoons with the Tomato Launcher.

Be careful – unlike children, raccoons know how to defend themselves. From time to time, raccoons-snipers appear on some hillock, who also throw tomatoes at you. They need to be shot first. If suddenly a sniper raccoon appears on the field, a special icon will appear on the screen.

The bared-face icon means that coyotes have run into the field. They definitely need to throw tomatoes.

Chapter 9

Help Otis!

More like a barnyard! Something terrible has happened. The coyotes kidnapped the hens, and Otis went to rescue them alone. We need to help him immediately, without friends he can not cope! Fire the tomato launcher at the coyotes without letting them take the chickens.

Red Coyote Doug, the leader of a gang of coyotes, will occasionally rus